Asim Aliloski

Author, Journalist, Speaker,  Professional Life & Business Coach


Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, wellness journalist, speaker, personal brand consultant, mental trainer and certified life & business coach working worldwide with unique and mindful leaders, visionaries, high potentials, creatives, celebrities and athletes.


The 36-old has been exploring the potential of human mind for over a decade. In his work he combines eastern wisdom from Buddhism and Sufism, elements from ancient Greek philosophy with modern business psychology and personal development. His mission is to give people deep insights into their soul and greatest potentials.


Asim gives people the courage to live out their calling and uncover their true nature. He coaches sensitive and wonderful human beings about how to change from within in order to radically improve their professional and personal life. Moreover, the business management graduate brings higher purpose, deeper love and harmony to companies and organisations.


Asim Aliloski has a diploma in professional coaching and a university degree in Economics with advanced trainings in Vienna, London, Costa Rica and Bali. The native Austrian with Southern European origins gathered sound experience in transformative coaching, leadership, psychology, spirituality, body therapy and communication. He has interviewed highly influential people and written several books helping readers to change their mindsets and expand their consciousness.


Asim has a migration background and was living on welfare. After his father committed suicide, he decided to go on a journey of personal growth. This pathway helped him to develop methods and techniques that transform and transcend destructive work patterns, limitations around money or success, unfulfilled relationships and unhealthy lifestyles into greater freedom and fulfilment. Currently, Asim is living with his life partner in Vienna travelling all over the world.



Certifications & Trainings


Certifications & Professional Trainings in a nutshell:


Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling Author, Management Consultant, Master in Economics, Professional Coach of ICF, Certified Business Coach of ICMCI, Cert. ICF Trinergy-Coach, Cert. Happiness & Success Coach, Cert. NLP Trainer & Master-Practitioner, Cert. Mental Trainer and Systemic Coach and Personality-PR expert with many years of leadership experience in consulting, media and tourism. Asim is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Community for NLP (ECNLP).



Certifications & Experience into detail:


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation (ICF), USA
  • Certified Business Coach (ICMCI)/Incite, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, CH
  • Diploma in ICF Coaching (International Coach Federation), International Trinergy Association, Austria
  • Certified Happiness & Success Coach, Success Intelligence Dr. Robert Holden, United Kingdom
  • Certified NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner, ECNLP (European Community for NLP), Austria
  • Systemic Coach accord. to IGSDI (International Community for Systemic Interventions), Austria
  • Certified Mental Trainer, Cert. Consciousness Coach, Cert. Management Trainer, Cert. Business Coach (ITA), Austria
  • Registered PR & Management Consultant, Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO)
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration & Finance, University of Applied Science (FH-Wien), Austria
  • Holistic Fitness Coach & Martial Arts Instructor, Shinergy Academy & Pax Academy, Austria
  • Personal Coaching & Supervision with Dr. Steven Farmer, Dr. Roman Braun, Dr. Fawzia Al-Rawi, Günter Kerschbaummayr, Thorsten Weiss, Inés Kallab

Further Professional Experience

  • 10 years of experience as top coach and consultant
  • Founder and owner of Buddha Public Relations, Vienna
  • General manager at Shunyata Luxury Boutique Resort, Bali
  • Editor in Chief at Premium Lifestyle Magazine, Vienna
  • Journalist at Wellness Magazine, Austria
  • Influencer and blogger at
  • Seminar host and keynote speaker
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