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"Mein Hund hat eine Seele"

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Warum wir immer wieder auf schwierige Menschen stoßen

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SEELEN-DETOX - warum es gut ist, geistig zu entschlacken!

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Consulting & Training

Bring out the best in yourself and others

Public Relations & Strategic Consulting

Get your business to the next level

BUDDHA PR was founded by Asim Aliloski and gives you everything you need for your personal branding, strategic management and holistic self-development.

Communication & Media Training

Communication is the bridge for leaving a life changing mark

From birth onwards, every human being appears in public. However, we sometimes forget that we need a strong mission, vision and strategy to leave a valuable and life changing mark.

Leadership & Talent Development

Leadership is all about seeing the best in others

Be a leader by inspiring others for what they really are and the gifts as well as talents they have to offer. A great leader is a reflected personality focusing on what really matters.

Stress & Conflict Transformation

Transform any stress or conflict by changing your mind

Stress and conflict is never about others. It is always about your unconscious pattern and mental state that is provoking stress and conflicts in others. Change them and you will never experience stress the same way.

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