Meditation & Mindfulness for Business

for better Stress Management & High Resilience


Massive flood of information, increasing work speed, constant change. In today's business world, pressure and rush are part of the everyday life. Stressed employees and managers are under greater strain and prone to errors.


When the head is not clear, people tend to make wrong choices and act rashly. This behavoir has a negative effect on the working atmosphere and economic success of the company.



Meditation has arrived in the offices


Meditation has has become firmly established in our western civilized world. It is practiced as a method of relaxation and stress management as well as to support general well-being and concentration.


Companies such as Google, SAP, Siemens, E & Y, Ford, Nike and Facebook already rely on the power of meditation.


Professionals discover, strengthen and expand their mental abilities through meditation and mindfulness training. As a result, people at work approach daily challenges in a much more focused and confident manner.


Meditation & Science

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to fight stress

It has now been proven in numerous scientific studies that meditation and mindfulness training can help to focus better, control emotions, reduce stress, and develop greater resilience. Meditation relaxes the muscles, slows down the heartbeat, lowers the oxygen consumption and calms in general.

Meditation is a form of mental training. It is one of the most effective ways to fight stress. Through meditation, employees internally become quiet and balanced.


This leads to relaxation, clarity and insight. The concentration and efficiency also improves. The positive effect of meditation has been scientifically proven. It can be viewed and practiced completely free of religion.

Different ways of meditation

The paths to more deep relaxation & productivity

Greater concentration & focus

This form of meditation helps employees and managers collect themselves and focus attention on what is important.


It promotes concentration and focus on specific topics and also strengthens the ability to make better decisions.

Greater creativity & performance

This form of meditation helps individuals and teams to think more creativly and to come up with new innovative solutions. 


It increases creativity, but also productivity. Employees can thus strengthen creative potentials.

Greater relaxation and stress management

This form of meditation helps you to free and empty your mind. It brings better energy and balance into your office.  


This meditation reduces stress and creates an atmosphere of greater joy, love and admiration.


Summary scientific studies on the effects of meditation can be found here

Executive Business & Mental Coach Asim

My holistic meditation training includes scientific methods as well as elements of respiratory therapy, energy management, resource strengthening and mental training. Indoor and outdoor possible!



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