Intuition-based Leadership Training

For great leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to take better decisions and achieve far more...


A true leader or entrepreneur inspires not only by his actions but also by his being. Be the best influencer you can be by bringing out the best in others. A true leader and entrepreneur is unique, sensitive, creative and deeply intuitive.


How does intuition help in improving your decision making?


“Intuition is the ability to have a grasp on a situation or information without the need for reasoning. The opposite of intuitive decision making is rational decision making, which is when individuals use analytics, facts and a step-by-step process to come to a decision.”


Studies show that the gut feeling, the intuition, leads to faster and more efficient decisions, and that they are often even better in the end. The reason: experience, higher thinking, deeper knowledge. They are stored in the subconscious or superconscious mind and, if necessary, consciously or unconsciously called up when a decision is to be taken.



Intuition is the natural ability in humans to KNOW what you actually aren’t supposed to know. Intuition is an intelligent, holistic way of thinking and deciding. In some cases, it may even seem irrational, and yet intuition is always right. Why is intuition becoming more and more important and how can intuition be trained?


High speed and increasing complexity make intuitive decisions in management increasingly important. According to recent psychological and neurological findings, they are more economic, faster and often better than rational weighing. But this does not mean the end of rational thinking; it is important to find the right balance of both.


People think that intuition is especially used in the search for creative solutions for difficult tasks. Plans and decisions, on the other hand, should be based on analytical and logical thinking. Researchers, on the other hand, found in his studies that intuition is the most important factor for all decisions, for all analytical and creative approaches. The logical mind should only support the execution.



Imagine, you have an important decision to make, and suddenly, out of the blue, you know how it should be. If you were asked why, it would be difficult for you at first to mention them. Nevertheless, you are certain that you can rely on your gut feeling, which is intuition! Unlike in conscious thinking, a lot of things happen in intuition unconsciously and lightning-fast. And this ability can be trained, enhanced and deepened.


The researcher Gerd Gigerenzer has evaluated various empirical studies which are independent of one another. These show that about two-thirds of managers from both the private sector and the public administration make better decisions with intuition. The higher these executives are positioned in the hierarchy, the higher the level of intuition should be.


Intuition as a resource enables us to find creative solutions to problems and to manage challenges directly and efficiently. Intuition encourages creativity, awareness of solutions, wisdom, balance and emotional intelligence



Boost your intuition

In my coaching and training, I work with all boosters and tools to help clients create constant states of flow and take their life to the next level.


I have been exploring flow states for over a decade now. And I found out that flow can be created at will and through training.


It’s not just an eureka moment but something you naturally produce on an ongoing basis. Athletes and high performers know from their own experience that this is nothing supernatural but trainable.


Blocking flow >>

should be avoided, healed or transformed

-Overrational mind & overthinking

-Mental noise & inner distractions

-Emotional baggage & patterns

-Spiritual disconnection

-Imbalanced body

Natural Flow

state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best

Research shows that when you enter the flow state your brain produces a significant number of alpha and theta waves.


Natural flow is the state of optimal function of mind, body and brain.

<< Boosting flow

should be enhanced, developed and multiplied

- Basic trust in life and yourself

- Expressing creativity

- Following your intuition

- Expanding your consciousness

- Unfolding your full potential

6 key factors to boost your intuitive intelligence

Inner Silence


The ability to get out of your own thought-hamster wheel of inner restlessness, wherever there is chaos and noise.



The ability to focus on the right and the essential, wherever there is a flood of information and distraction in and around you.



The ability to sense gut feelings, wherever rationality does not allow new ways and solutions.



The ability to use the intelligence of the heart to strengthen togetherness wherever competition and hostility prevail.



The ability to stay present wherever unconscious actions and decision-making are harmful.

Inner Balance

The ability to stay emotionally and mentally balanced wherever performance is required.

The benefits of more flow: HIGHER creativity. BETTER solutions. STRONGER togetherness. INNER harmony. NEW dynamics. BETTER decisions.

This leads to: HIGHER profitability. HIGHER productivity. LOWER costs.

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