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Success by Intuition - Divine Abundance Coaching from 6 - 12 M

Boost your intuition to take better decisions and achieve more - designed for amazing leaders & entrepreneurs around the globe



Up to 12 months intensive mentoring with Asim Aliloski to expand your consciousness, boost your intuition, tap into your flow, develop and express your spiritual potentials, true self-confidence and unlimited creativity for your career and business.


Most people live an incremental life. They want to be “a little more confident”, have “some more clients” or make “a bit more money.” If that sounds like you, you are here in the wrong place. Because this exclusive and ultimate mentoring program is about creating an exponential life by boosting your intuition - which is your superpower.


Boost natural flow and intuition to get the results you love!


Are you longing for a deeper, more meaningful success? Are you hunting for a better career which is in total alignment with your higher purpose? Are you aiming to obtain lavish abundance and simultaneously express pure love, steady health, trust, self-confidence, absolute wellbeing and divine connection?


And do you wish to uncover your greatest intuitive and spiritual potentials and become a truly inspiring entrepreneur or leader?


My clients are either at the top of their game or they want to get there. Perhaps you are already very successful but feel that there must be MORE. Know that what has helped you to get where you are right now is EXACTLY what holds you back from making the next step towards your ultimate success. Ultimate success is expressed in all other areas of your life, like your health, love life and overall wellbeing.


Express now the highest and truest version of yourself with this life and career advancement program.


What intuition can do for you...

In the last years, I have been working with great people helping them move past self-doubt, fear and insecurity (and those restraining voices in their head), leading them from frustration and procrastination, to an expanded consciousness and greater flow.


They achieved amazing results, passionate relationships and wealth doing what they love.


  • One of my client, a CEO, started earning 30 % more money (6 figure income) while working 40 % less following 5 months of this coaching program.


  • Another client, a high performer, having suffered from depression for more than 14 years recovered after only 3 months of mentoring and even reduced his medication close to zero.


  • A business owner I worked with felt suddenly totally peaceful and enlightened while running a 7 figure business.



The effect of private mentoring with personalised coaching and intensive guidance is very powerful for creating impressive results in your business as well as in your private life.


You have the opportunity to transform and transcend your private life and career from the inside out. In up to 12 months of personal mentoring with me you will be guided to evolve towards the best version of yourself and achieve constant flow-states.


Take the chance to personally and professionally grow and get to a much greater level than you have ever been before.



Catch this exclusive opportunity by expanding your consciousness and boosting your intuition to

  • develop the most truest and highest vision of yourself and your career 
  • open your eyes for powerful visions and your highest mission in life 
  • balance your body, mind and spirit and reclaim yourself at all levels NOW
  • forge new strategies, turnarounds and breakthroughs for your career or own business
  • unleash extraordinary potentials, intuitive skills, unlimited creativity &divine power which are within you
  • affect more lives than ever before as your influence expands along with your wealth, wellbeing and power


Up to 12 Months Private Coaching & Mentoring with:

  • Virtual coaching sessions with deep transformative coaching, holistic wellbeing, spiritual healing and transcendental meditations
  • Written e-mail reports about your progress before and after every intensive along with your personal journal
  • Practical exercises and subliminals for integration and transformation of your transcendental journey
  • Guided meditations personally spoken by Asim for unleashing your greatest power and potentials
  • 360 degree feedback and evaluations of your results and progress in-between and after your mentorship program

  • Additional learning material, wellness guidelines for your holistic wellbeing (diet, natural supplements, workout …) and recommendations for further readings and holistic healing medicine
  • Pre-analysis and virtual or personal meeting before entering into your program for clarifying your personal issues and deep goals

We go out-of-the-box with these tools: Spiritual 12 Strings DNA Activation / Light Language Reprograming / 33 Frequency Codes Activation / Energetic Grid Restructuring / 49 Dimension Anchoring / Personal Subliminal Hypnosis …

Because everything is energy, frequency and vibration



In addition to all that, you will also experience:

  • The power of your own thoughts, feelings, energies and soul
  • The potential of your brain and body and how to achieve a highly vibrational flow state
  • Connecting deeply to the divine so that it can act and express through you, as you
  • The practical use of the law of attraction, creation, polarity, female and male energies and spirit
  • Understanding your life circumstances from the metaphysical point of view
  • Deep insights into ancient wisdoms such as Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism and transcendental spirituality



My Clients – sensitive human beings

It has been my great privilege to personally coach a wide variety of extraordinary human beings. I have worked with individuals as young as 10 and as old as 66. I’ve worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, jobless people, celebrities, athletes, psychologists, therapists, coaches and college students.


If you need medication, get a good psychiatrist. If you need therapy, get a good psychologist. If you want to be in a magical flow that will allow you to see differently and expand your consciousness, work with me.


The mentoring program is bookable for a single person, couples and groups reaching from 3 – 12 people. Program language is German or English.


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Boost your intuition

In my coaching and training, I work with all boosters and tools to help clients create constant states of flow and take their life to the next level.


I have been exploring flow states for over a decade now. And I found out that flow can be created at will and through training.


It’s not just an eureka moment but something you naturally produce on an ongoing basis. Athletes and high performers know from their own experience that this is nothing supernatural but trainable.


Blocking flow >>

should be avoided, healed or transformed

-Overrational mind & overthinking

-Mental noise & inner distractions

-Emotional baggage & patterns

-Spiritual disconnection

-Imbalanced body

Natural Flow

state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best

Research shows that when you enter the flow state your brain produces a significant number of alpha and theta waves.


Natural flow is the state of optimal function of mind, body and brain.

<< Boosting flow

should be enhanced, developed and multiplied

- Basic trust in life and yourself

- Expressing creativity

- Following your intuition

- Expanding your consciousness

- Unfolding your full potential

6 key factors to boost your intuitive intelligence

Inner Silence


The ability to get out of your own thought-hamster wheel of inner restlessness, wherever there is chaos and noise.



The ability to focus on the right and the essential, wherever there is a flood of information and distraction in and around you.



The ability to sense gut feelings, wherever rationality does not allow new ways and solutions.



The ability to use the intelligence of the heart to strengthen togetherness wherever competition and hostility prevail.



The ability to stay present wherever unconscious actions and decision-making are harmful.

Inner Balance

The ability to stay emotionally and mentally balanced wherever performance is required.

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