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My mission is to contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity bringing higher consciousness of love, compassion and healing on earth. When people raise their consciousness, they transform from fear to love, from seperation to connection, from limitation to abundance.


I deeply believe that a new consciousness can save us and the planet. Without consciousness and awareness there is no change. We need a rise in consciousness in our homes, in politics, in business and in societies around the world so that we become able to transcend seperation into unity.


My work is a holistic approach of ancient mystics and modern neuroscience that expands and raises the consciousness of people. The flow state connects you with your heart, intuition and divinity. It heals you and makes you whole.


Find your natural flow & boost your success

In my coaching and training, I work with all boosters and tools to help clients create constant states of flow and take their life to the next level.


I have been exploring flow states for over a decade now. And I found out that flow can be created at will and through training.


It’s not just an eureka moment but something you naturally produce on an ongoing basis. Athletes and high performers know from their own experience that this is nothing supernatural but trainable.


Blocking flow >>

should be avoided, healed or transformed

-Overrational mind & overthinking

-Mental noise & inner distractions

-Emotional baggage & patterns

-Spiritual disconnection

-Imbalanced body

Natural Flow

state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best

Research shows that when you enter the flow state your brain produces a significant number of alpha and theta waves.


Natural flow is the state of optimal function of mind, body and brain.

<< Boosting flow

should be enhanced, developed and multiplied

- Basic trust in life and yourself

- Expressing creativity

- Following your intuition

- Expanding your consciousness

- Unfolding your full potential

Tools & practices for boosting flow

These are the best tools for boosting flow states:


- Transformative Coaching & Spiritual Healing

- Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV)

- Alpha / Theta Brain Meditation

- Trance Visualisation

- Biohacking & Body Performance Optimization



In flow, we shift from the fast-moving beta wave of waking consciousness down to the far slower borderline between alpha and theta. Alpha is day-dreaming mode—when we slip from idea to idea without much internal resistance. Theta, meanwhile, only shows up during REM or just before we fall asleep, in that hypnogogic gap where ideas combine in truly radical ways.




A team of neuroscientists at Bonn University in Germany discovered that endorphins are definitely part of flow’s cocktail  and, as other researchers have determined, so are norepinephrine, dopamine, anandamide, and serotonin.


All five are pleasure-inducing, performance-enhancing neurochemicals, upping everything from muscle reaction times to attention, pattern recognition and lateral thinking—the three horsemen of rapid-fire problem-solving. (Times Magazine Research).



Research summary on flow state:

  • Helps you achieve peak performance and ultimate happiness. It increases work productivity by 500 % shown by a study of McKinsey.
  • Allows your natural creativity to surface and flow which can be then channelled into all projects, activates or relationships in your life.
  • Dramatically reduces stress and depression. Slows down the aging process by reducing stress levels and trigger responses within the body.
  • Allows you to tap into your natural healing abilities. Improves your quality of life, sleep and overall health by restoring the body-mind natural balance.
  • Improves concentration, self-esteem and overall health.


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