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Apprenticeship for Next Generation Coaches and Leaders



Comprehensive Training Course in the Core Concepts, Methodologies & Principles of Powerful Coaching & Entrepreneurship



Learn the most transformative coaching skills to transform yourself, others and your career



Are you ready to exponentially develop or improve your coaching skills that will take yourself, your clients, your employees or your business to a much more joyful, fulfilling and financially successful state?


There are thousands of seminars out there teaching you how to be a better coach, healer or leader. But this masterclass is something different. It is a profound and unique transformation helping you through the deep wisdom of coaching to bring yourself and your career to the ultimate level.


I have spent over a decade learning from and working with extraordinary coaches and spiritual teachers, from Costa Rica to Vienna, from London to Bali. I have acquired amazing skills to master my personal and professional life.


And I have captured for you the essence of everything I have learned in order to support you now to develop your own transformative coaching skills and ultimate flow in your life.


You will be able to use these coaching tools and skills for your own growth, your career or your own successful business. But also for working with clients, customers and all people you want to touch deeply.




For whom is this class?

This MasterClass is specially designed for people who want to develop coaching and training skills for achieving meaningful success and become better leaders and coaches.


You learn to become a greater coach, healer, executive, employer or entrepreneur. You'll expand your consciousness and intution to create the results you love in your life.


You'll embody deep ancient wisdom to gain self-mastery and have all the tools you need to boost your career, your own business and help others to succeed.

MasterClass Focus Program

Join me now in your personal MasterClass to develop your greatest unique skills and tap into your natural flow


The 3 Core Coaching Skill Sets

  • Hypno Therapy & NLP Skills for Belief Change

Belief Change Process / Six Steps Reframing / Aristoteles Model / New Behaviour Generator / Hypnotic Trance / TimeLine Coaching / Patanjali Process / Rapport


  • Mental & Emotional Skills for Ultimate Mastery

Mind Mirror Process / Transformative Coaching / Mental Training / Visualisation Techniques / Emotional Work Techniques / Emotional Freedom Technique / Integrative Breathing / Genius Process / Charisma Work


  • Intuition & Inner Voice for Higher Guidance

Intuitive Thinking Process / Inner Voice Training / Deep Silencing / Inner Trust Development / Mirror Work


Inner & Business Transformation

  • The Art of Inside-Out Transformation

Transcendental Meditation / Transformative Meditation / Focusing Process / Deep Inner Work / Third Eye Process / Body-Mind-Soul Transformation Process


  • The Art of Goal Manifestation

13 Steps of Manifestation Process / Mind & Emotional Visualisation / The Letting Go Process / The Quadrants

of Holistic Manifestation / The Power of Presence


  • The Art of Intuitive Marketing & Strategy

Intuitive Thinking Process / Third Eye Proposals / Intuitive Price & Product Development / Principles of Success / Intuitive Business Development / Mission & Vision / Positioning Process / Creating products and services you love

MasterClass Schedule


Up to 3 - 12 months personal apprenticeship for developing the skills and mind-set of a great coach:


  • Pre-analysis and virtual or personal meeting before entering into your program for clarifying your personal issues and deep goals
  • half day intensives in-person, in Vienna, at exclusive locations or virtually (optional)
  • intensive virtual coaching sessions focusing on your mindset & skillset
  • written e-mail reports about your development before and after each session
  • personal toolbox with exercises and techniques for your daily integration practice
  • 360 degree feedback and evaluations of your development in-between and after your masterclass program


You will get a lot of space for your personal transformation, supervision and using those tools and techniques for your personal and professional development to create the results you desire.


This program is for a single person or groups.




In addition to all that, you will also experience:


  • The power of your own thoughts, feelings, energies and soul
  • The potential of your brain and body and how to achieve a high vibrational state
  • Connecting deeply to the divine so that it can act and express through you, as you
  • The practical use of the law of attraction, creation, polarity, feminine and masculine energies
  • Understanding your life and business circumstances from the metaphysical point of view
  • Deep insights into ancient wisdoms such as Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism and transcendental spirituality



For requests write us an email to office@asimaliloski.com. You can also leave us a voice message at +4313451430. We will come back to you within 72 hours. Thank you!

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