The Diamond Salon

Elite Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance for Millionaire & Billionaire Souls




The world's finest spiritual guidance experience with Asim Aliloski


Investment: 1.5 million Euros




  • You are going to receive maximum direct 1on1 access to Asim Aliloski with online / on-site spiritual coaching & guidance on the French Riviera & Monaco (or at any other location in the world) to create, attract and experience true abundance, meaningful success and overall wellbeing in life:

    + highest fulfilment in your personal life and career
    + perfect health and inner peace through your Buddha mind,
    + higher states of consciousness through your God mind,
    + manifestations of your soul’s deepest desires,
    + ultimate healing and perfect health on all levels,
    + transformation of any struggles and challenges in life,
    + harmonization of your energetic, mental and emotional body
    + loving and fulfilling relationship with yourself, the Divine and others

  • In the divine presence of Asim Aliloski and his co-healers you are going to constantly and permanently release any destructive, addictive patterns and limiting beliefs, karmic and genetic burdens, negative collective imprints and tap into your pure essence allowing you to manifesting your soul’s deepest desires.

  • Your energetic level and vibrational frequency will be monitored weekly by Asim and his spiritual team and restored into its perfect state. You are going to experience organic spiritual ascension. While activating your Diamond Sun Body and Double Diamond Sun Body, which is your original divine blueprint, you are going to embody your highest states of consciousness.



Restore your original divine blueprint

  • You are going to install and activate your 12D Crystal Lightbody including your 12D Shield, 12D Hara Line, 12 strings DNA and Crystalline Diamond Heart allowing you to unleash your supernatural powers and psychic intuitive abilites transforming you into a heart-driven superhuman. All your stress symptoms and old problems may disappear in the ocean of light and wholeness.


  • Spiritual 12 DNA repair and restoration of your spiritual DNA up to 26, 36 and 48 strands to experience ascended master states of consciousness including complex karma clearings and 8 deep sacred multidimensional clearings to restore your original divine blueprint.

Heart-driven Superhuman


  • Receive guided meditations with high-frequency transmission codes personally spoken by Asim to stabilize and integrate your desired state of consciousness. Plus, personal subliminal audios to reprogram your subconscious mind coded with healing and abundance frequencies. Moreover, you are going to listen to music therapy wave sounds to synchronize all your brain centres and harmonize your physical, emotional, mental and energetic body.
  • Additional bonus support by Asim’s spiritual team to achieve states of wholeness throughout your coaching programs with Crystal Light Body & Merkaba Activations, Holistic Personality Charts & Soul Mission Analysis. You are going to identify and activate your main spiritual gifts, supernatural abilities and psychic intuitive senses to access the next level of your purpose, prosperity, health and wealth in your life.

Ascension Technology taking you to optimum states

  • Experience sacred geometry infusions into your electromagnetic field for deep regeneration and repair of your soul and oversoul matrix. Additional biohacking & wellness guidelines for your holistic wellbeing (holistic nuitrition, natural supplements, ...) and Asim's personal recommendations for a holistic lifestyle taking you to optimum states of body and mind.
  • Light Energy Scalar Wave Technology® and Quantum Energy Technology® are going to assist you in embodying inner peace, inner harmony, inner balance while enjoying greater achievements in life. Receive your personal Quantum Energy Card to harmonize your food and drinks with harmonic vibrations and enrich them with vitamins, micronutrients and superfood minerals.

Remove any addiction to drama & suffering

  • Your soul idenitity is going to benefit from 12D energetic protection shields and entity removal shields to clear all unnatural imprints, distorted implants and holograms from genetic and alien lineages, removing any addiction to drama, suffering or sacrifice and reclaiming your personal power, sovereignty and inner freedom.


  • You are going to receive weekly remote support with our cutting-edge transformational tools and interventions such as Light Language, Quantum Energy Technology, Age Reversing & Optimization Biohacking, Quantum Flow Body Therapy and much more to physically release fear programs, lack consciousness, victim-victimizer and mental programs in order to feel light, whole, energized and healed like never before in your life.


French Riviera / Monaco / Wherever You Are

  • You will benefit from personal 1on1 sacred rituals and transformational coaching sessions at the world's finest coaching locations on the French Riviera and Monaco, worldwide and online, and also on your personal yacht or private jet in order to:
    • find and unleash deeper layers of your purpose & turn it into success
    • achieve more by realigning with your intuition and supernatural abilities
    • enjoy an abundant life by upgrading your wealth consciousness and mindset
    • gain spiritual mastery by healing your shadow parts and becoming whole from within
    • find inner peace and balance by realigning with your higher power and soul essence
    • embody your divine nature, awaken your highest self and ignite your divine spark

           You are going to experience higher enlightened states of wholeness and unity.


  • 12 months VIP support with exclusive personalized coaching & guidance for your spiritual growth and desired manifestations as well as daily remote transmissions of healing, abundance and balancing frequencies boosting your natural self-esteem, self-love, self-worth, self-confidence and self-trust in all areas of your life.

  • The world's finest spiritual healing transformation with highest privacy connects you to the new Mother Earth grid, balances the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies within, harmonizes your brain centres, creates a stronger immune system, increases your vitality and desire for healthy foods and a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Online coaching & live events with Asim and his team

You are about to experience cutting-edge tools and modalities that are going to help you unlock your original divine blueprint and soul's deepest desires


Light Language Intervention

Your divine self will get harmonized, healed and unleashed with light language intervention, a specific coded communication channeled through higher raums to help you get access to the full realized core of your being. You will discover your superhuman nature.

Quantum Energy Technology

We will use cutting edge technology working on quantum level that will help you unlock and manifest your soul’s deepest desires. You will receive a quantum gift that you can carry with you all the time providing your being with personalized high vibes.

Crystal Light Body Activation

Unlock all different layers of your energetic and galactic body leading to full brain illumination supporting you in using your most advanced psychic and intuitive abilities to create the life you dream of beyond your dreams. Be in service to God and the Light of God.

Multidimensional Shield Protection

Human reality has been manipulated over the past 3000 years and more. This is your opportunity to unplug from any collective imprints, matrix manipulations and low vibe entities. You will become free to live your life on your own terms and by design.

High Frequency Transmission

This transmission comes from light of highest vibrations helping you to upgrade, integrate and embody abundance and healing energies in your electromagnetic field. All your energetic centres, akashic records and spiritual DNA will be harmonized and cleared accross all time and space.

Biohacking & Regeneration

Tap into your flow state for enhanced productivity and bliss with this ultimate biohacking intervention. You will achieve optimum state in your body and mind. It's time to unleash your full potential of your soul. It will blow your mind and soul.


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