Spiritual First Class Retreats on the French Riviera

Quantum leap into your soul’s deepest desires

Embody your divine blueprint, heal from within, become whole and frequency up your life & career with Asim Aliloski



This transformational event takes place all year round on the French Riviera or at any other exclusive spot of your choice (online optional).


Spiritual Coach & Healer Asim Aliloski invites a limited number of people to join him on an exclusive intensive to awaken the power of your soul and embody your divine human nature. This retreat is all about becoming whole again.


Allow yourself non-forgettable healing, transformation and illumination of your body, mind and soul. Tap into your infinite potentials and ignite your divine spark.



This transformational intensive is held on a worldwide exclusive place situated on a breath-taking island in St. Jean Cap Ferrat. The retreat is private, exclusive and takes place in an elegant location.

The transformational event is now open to be booked privately by an individual, a couple or a group.


Develop the energy, consciousness and mindset you need in order to allow inner healing, release any destructive patterns and let go of the heaviness of life.



Cote d'Azur, France

A place where magic is created

The retreat allows you to experience awakening, transformation, love and divine healing in the most luxurious and exquisite area of this world.


St. Jean Cap Ferrat is a secluded peninsula in South of France situated between Nice and Monaco. It has its richness in sea, pure water and air, wonderful landscape and botanic gardens.


This retreat is a return to your natural source that has its house in the soul. This unforgettable experience will stay with you forever.


Tap into your essence of your being.


Spiritual first Class Retreats with Asim will guide you to extraordinary miracles in your life and career

Embody Your Divine Human Nature



UNLOCK your soul’s deepest desires at the speed of light


UNLEASH mastery level in areas of your life where you got stuck in the past years


UNPLUG from matrix manipulations within your energetic field caused by low-vibe entities


UNVEIL parts of your identity that need healing on multidimensional levels of your being



TRANSMUTE any destructive energies in and around you that are harmful to yourself or others


TRANSFORM into the next level of your supernatural psychic and intuitive abilities


TRANSCEND limiting beliefs and imprints at quantum speed time


TAP into your divine greatness and achieve far more with much more ease and flow



Your spiritual first class retreat is your getway for your soul with Asim and his co-healer team.


You are going to receive spiritual guidance and healing with quantum energy technology to experience divine turnarounds and transformations in your life.


You are going to shift, heal, transform and recalibrate from within. You are going to release, resolve and uncreate everything that your soul has been desiring to let go.



This is what you are going to experience when you join:

Light Language Intervention

Your divine self will get harmonized, healed and unleashed with light language intervention, a specific coded communication channeled through light beings to help you get access to the full realized core of your being. You will discover your superhuman nature.

Quantum Energy Technology

We will use cutting edge technology working on quantum level that will help you unlock and manifest your soul’s deepest desires. You will receive a quantum gift that you can carry with you all the time providing your being with personalized high vibes.

Crystal Light Body Activation

You will unlock all different layers of your energetic and galactic body leading to full brain illumination on seven levels supporting you in using your most advanced psychic and intuitive abilities to create the life you love beyond your imagination.

Multidimensional Shield Protection

Human reality has been manipulated over the past 3000 years and more. This is your opportunity to unplug from any collective imprints, matrix manipulations and low vibe entities. You will become free to live your life on your own terms and by design.

Frequency Transmission

This transmission comes from light beings of highest vibrations helping you to upgrade, integrate and embody abundance and healing energies in your reality. All your energetic centres will be harmonized and cleared accross all time and space.

Biohacking & Regeneration

Tap into your flow state for enhanced productivity and bliss with this ultimate biohacking intervention. You will achieve optimum state in your body and mind. It's time to unleash your full potential of your soul. It will blow your mind and soul.



Facts & Rates


Location & Dates: Cap Ferrat or any other spot at the Cote d’Azur, France. International Airport: Nice Cote d’Azur. Date according to agreement.


Retreat Price: from 50,000 EUR including:

  • First-class retreat with Asim Aliloski for a single person or a couple (groups on request)
  • An exclusive training location in Cap Ferrat or any other chosen spot on the Côte d'Azur (online optional)
  • Finest high vibrational catering during your first-class retreat experience
  • Light Energy Technology for your energetic support in cooperation with “90.10 quantum” corporation
  • Personal Quantum Energy Card to upgrade your frequency and vibration at the speed of light
  • Personal Subliminal Audio to reprogram your subconscious mind coded with specific frequencies
  • Personal Tools to implement and integrate new codes and upgrades from your spiritual guidance
  • Light Language Interventions to embody the next layers of your wholeness
  • Crystal Light Body Activations to maximize your vibration and awaken your original divine blueprint
  • Healing & Abundance Frequency to manifest and allow greater healing and abundance
  • Quantum Flow Training to stabilize, integrate and embody new codes and energetic upgrades
  • Evaluations of your results and achievements throughout your coaching program



Retreat times: 1st day starting at 4 pm / last day starting at 10 am


A pre-analysis and meeting before entering into your first-class retreat is free of charge and can be requested now: office@asimaliloski.com

Costs not included: accommodation & lodging, flights, transport, individual excursions, cancellation fees. Please note there is 20 % VAT tax on the retreat price unless you have a valid VAT number.


Hotels recommendations: Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel


Additional: No pre-knowledge or spiritual/religious background required. For 1-8 individuals. This event can also be booked by an individual, couple or a group on request.


Language: German or English



For bookings or further questions write to office@asimaliloski.com


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