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Immersion Retreats with Asim Aliloski


Do you see yourself on the French Riviera (Nice - Monaco - Saint Jean Cap Ferrat) or in any other highly exclusive spot around the world in order to heal, transform, shift and break through? Or do you want to stay home and get coached by Asim virtually for a day or longer?


Allow yourself non-forgettable healing, transformation and illumination of your body, mind and soul. Tap into your infinite potential and highest consciousness; really feel who you really are in your divine essence. Get ready to uncover your life purpose and experience greatest fulfillment with inner peace! Join me now.


Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul. Marcus Aurelius


Immersion retreats last from 1 - 25 days helping you to shift, tranform, heal, transcend and manifest inside out.



Your Immersion with Asim supports you with the tools, energy, power and passion you need for creating the deep transformation, turnarounds and breakthroughs in your career and personal life.


Work with me if:


  • you feel that your career and success is meaningless and drains your energy.
  • you struggle with money because you always feel that you have too little or too much of it.
  • you see limitations, doubts, fears, stress and insecurity around your private and business life.
  • you have read everything about goal achieving and manifestation but still don't see the results you want.
  • you have huge visions and desires in your life and nobody believes in you, even you don't believe in yourself.
  • you work too hard, too long, too much, too ... probably at the expense of your health and social life.
  • you don't know what your NEXT LEVEL GOALS are or how to attract them into your life.
  • you think that you don't live your life purpose or the life of your dreams.


All immersion retreats with Asim will give you this mind-soul blowing experience:


  •  intense live coaching and spiritual healing with exclusive and highly personalized services
  •  activation of your crystal diamond body to significantly increase your energy level
  •  highest privacy with personal guidance and high-end luxury spots (or online)
  •  transmission of quantum light language to access your divine self & enter into your 5D identity
  •  transmission of universal abundance codes to manifest ultimate abundance in your 3D reality
  •  documentation of your progress and achievements during and after your immersion experience
  •  evaluation of you results including practical exercises before and after the live event


In all immersion retreats you will have the opportunity to:


  •  Heal your wounds from the past & experience inner balance from your higher consciousness
  •  Get rid of addictions and bad habits and enjoy a new freedom through your higher self
  •  Go beyond fears and insecurities and cultivate a lasting serenity from your divine power
  •  Unfold your deeper meaning and purpose and make it a success with ease & flow
  •  Uncover your real pure essence and get grounded in your spiritual identity
  •  Achieve inner fulfilment and manifest the life you love from your highest being


Booking & requests: office@asimaliloski.com




Your 5D energetic upgrade during the immersion days:

• Divine Matrix Activation
• Soul Based Identity
• Unity Consciousness
• Multidimensional Awareness
• Heart Based Leadership
• Intuition Based Decision Making
• Instant Manifestations




Your VIP immersion coaching day with Asim is an intense retreat for your body, mind and soul opening a magic space for transformation and true insights. Discover with me your life purpose and develop the energy, consciousness and mindset you need in order to make it a success.



Send us your request to: office@asimaliloski.com


Starting from 10,000 EUR including:

live immersion coaching and training with Asim

an exclusive training location in Nice / Monaco or virtual meeting
additional learning material & wellness guidelines for your holistic wellbeing
360 degree feedback and evaluations of your results and progress after your program
personal toolbox with exercises and meditations for your daily practice
follow up coaching meeting after the program via video conference
attendance certification and a tax-deductible invoice




Take action and write us an email to book your spot: office@asimaliloski.com

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