Thank you so much for reaching my website. My name is Asim Aliloski. I am an author, professional certified coach and mentor for powerful and mindful people.


I help people to change from within and consequently to exponentially improve their professional and personal life. Since nothing big will change in your life unless you change from within.


I have always been very sensitive. I sense what holds people back to experience ultimate success, best health and satisfying relationships. We all have blind spots and patterns of belief that limit us somehow. My job is to help you overcome your fears and limitations. My work is about opening the space where miracles of transformation can happen. You will become an alchemist of your own life.


Coaching with me is fun, fascinating, eye-opening, energising, challenging and deeply transformational. It will make you whole; it will heal you and help you create visible results in your life beyond your imagination.


My work is not just about being a little bit happier or having a bit more money. It is about going deep inside, expressing everything you are and unfolding your greatest possibilities in your life and career. No matter how happy or successful you are, there is always a next step of deeper expressing what is all possible.


I have been working with great leaders, top performers, high potentials, politicians, creatives, athletes and celebrities helping them achieve best health, passionate relationships and lavish abundance doing what they love.


Are you ready for this fun, joyful, creative and deep work with me? Yes?



Find below some more information about my coaching.



What is Coaching for?

Personal coaching with Asim is about creating a space where physical, mental and spiritual transformation occur. You create an atmosphere for healing, transformation, enrichment, development and inspiration. It opens a space for your goals, projects, desires and personal growth.


In your personal session with Asim Aliloski you will enjoy a magical space in which your highest potentials, your truest mission and your deepest desires are allowed to be embodied. You will create a sacred encounter where healing, enrichment and inspiration are accepted. You may ground your success and allow true transformation for your company and profession.

What are the steps of a coaching sessions and which tools does Asim use?


8 Steps





Opening the space for transformation, healing, development



Focusing on your mind-set, heart-set or soul-set



Transforming, healing, developing of mind, body and soul



Grounding the new clarity that shows up inside you



Test the new clarity that has shown up in a limited space



Implement the new clarity in your areas of life needed



Appreciate, recognize and celebrate your progress



Evaluate and develop your transformation, healing & progress


These coaching tools might be used in your session: mental & mediation techniques, prayers and rituals, symbols and numbers, visualisation and trance techniques, affirmations and mantras, communication techniques, body and energetic work, nlp, emotional and shadow work, concentration and creativity techniques, breath techniques, fitness and body work, acting and intuition training …



How do I know if coaching works for me?

Only apply for coaching, if:


  • you are fully committed to your progress, development and transformation.


  • you are ready to fully live the change you want to experience (not just visualizing or believing) - or at least learn to get ready for finding solutions.


Make sure what you want to get from your session with Asim. If you don’t have a clear vision, make sure that you just want to get the best out of the session regardless of any outcome.


Communicate this commitment to your mind, body and soul. This is a way how you can prepare for a session in advance.


For your best outcome: Get rid of any egoic or spiritual masks that are not aligned with your highest truth. You will experience the best results when you replace fake-optimism and falseness by authenticity and pure insight.


Is a session with Asim via Skype or on-site?


Your session takes place face-to-face or via skype/phone. If you use any technical equipment for your session make sure that everything works smoothly. Test the quality of audio and video. Skype sessions are usually done via audio only. If you get cut off during the session, just stay calm and take a deep breath. Asim will find the right solution to continue with the session with you.

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