Sickness comes from a low energetic state. Healing is all about raising up your vibration.


Sickness comes from a low energetic state. Therefore, healing is all about raising up your vibration.


There are many ways to do that. One way is to change everything that keeps you in a low vibration. And the other way is to move your attention to everything that gets you into a higher vibration.


Therefore, love, joy, beauty and spirituality have the power to heal. If you are in an environment or with people that are full of high vibrational divine energy, you instantly feel different.


The only thing you have to do is to raise your vibration by focusing on who you truly are and getting rid of blockages and negative patterns at the same time.



You must also be aware of the darkness and shadow that makes you sick. The key to healing is to embrace all of your being with love and acceptance. But you can only do that if you know why this specific disease or disbalance is good for and how you can grow from it.



Healing & Divine Connection


You will discover deep body and mind techniques to detox and purify your energetic body and connect with powerful energies helping you to activate energetic flow and physical transformation. Get receptive for healing energies always surrounding you through time, space, dimension and reality.


In special movements and meditative states you will allow your body, mind and soul to create a space of deep connection with the power of All-That-Is.


You will feel truly connected with your own being and the spiritual energies creating a great inner space for unlimited power and healing inside of you.



Health & Spirituality with Asim

Connect to the Divine Spirit

Spirituality & Healing Session

90 minutes that can change your life

- Personal guided healing & spirituality experience with Asim

- Connect with your higher self and divine spirits

- Energetic transformation of body & mind

- Unblocking limiting beliefs about God and healing



Spirituality & Healing Retreat

Half or full day retreat to connect with your Higher Self

- Connect deeply with God and healing energies

- Exclusive location retreat for you that gives you power and love

- Talk to God and healing energies and get higher inspirations

- Deep breathing, meditation and visualisation techniques



Spirituality & Healing Program

1 month to get aligned with healing energies

- Personal guided meditation with Asim (60 minutes sessions)


- 1 month personal spiritual program with the following agenda:

   Course 1: Connection with God & Spirits

   Course 2: Visualisation & Mind Transformation

   Course 3: Enlightenment & Transcendence

   Course 4: Energetic Transformation

   Course 5: Grounding & Oneness




Language: German or English. Rate is payable in advance in cash, via bank transfer or PayPal, Mastercard & Visa (additional fee 3 %). Please send a request for group or corporate coachings.



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