Ghostwriting & Author Mentoring

Bring your soul to paper

You are a creative writer that deeply loves words and stories?


There is something in you that needs to be expressed in a book or article?


Express your soul by allowing yourself to write or get somebody to bring your ideas to paper.


Asim Aliloski is an experienced journalist, author, blogger and ghostwriter with a passion for writing.


The most important factor to attract attention of the media is actually not your story but your personality as author. If you want to sell your book or speech to influence your audience, then you have to know how to serve your target group in public.


You have to prepare yourself for interviews, readings or presentations and know who you are and how your authentic self can be linked to your book and the story of your life.


Every human being has an inspiring story to tell. Try to find your story and how to pack it for your audience and readers.


  • How to position your book and your personality in the public eye
  • How to prepare your personality for interviews, readings and presentations
  • What you have to do so that you get the attention from public eye and media
  • Which story to write and how to tell it to other people


But it is more than that:

  • raise your awareness for intuition and conscious communication
  • have powerful and inspirational messages that trigger emotions
  • know what and how to speak in front of your audience
  • create inspirational stories to touch people's heart


Open yourself physically, mentally and energetically to your visibility and have all the materials, structures and image you need so that you and your book or speech can prosper.


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