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Investment 150K €


Infinite wealth is for all souls ready to tap into full financial abundance and unlimited wealth through spiritual mastery. Overcome any fears, limitations and attachments to money and prosperity and master it from the inside out. Become superrich, while cultivating peace of mind.



Investment 50K € / 6 months


Infinite success is for all heart-driven leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs ready to achieve the impossible aligned with their divine mission. Get full access to your intuition and psychic abilities to create unbelievable results with more ease and flow in your business or organization.


Investment 1.5M € / 12 months


Infinite God Human is for all high-net worth souls ready for ultimate mastery in all areas of their lives tapping into their highest state of consciousness and realizing their full potential through activation and embodiment of their Diamond Sun Heart. This is the crown of all coachings.



Investment: 9K € / 3 months


The Infinite Coach is for all starseeds, healers, coaches and mentors ready to unleash their true Krystic nature while running their most successful purpose-driven business. This apprenticeship program will assist you in becoming a wealthy spiritual coach and healer in line with the Law of One.



Investment: 100K € / 6 months


The Infinite Man is a private and exclusive global network and golden circle with heart-driven male leaders and entrepreneurs ready to step into world-class greatness. Every member strives for spiritual excellence in all disciplines in order to transform this world into a better place.





The Infinite Gay is a holistic lifestyle coaching program for gay men only ready to attract and create all a gay man wishes in line with their soul’s deepest desires. This program is on request only giving gay souls the space to shine and ignite in all areas of their lives like never before.

Cutting-edge Transformational Tools & Methods

Gold DNA Activation / Light Symbol Codes / Multidimensional Karma Clearing / 15D Energetic & Chakra Clearing / Seals & Implants Removal / Entity & Attachments Removal / Sacred Commands / Ascension Sound Frequencies / Light Language Intervention / Quantum Energy Technology / Holographic Neuro-Repatterning / Timeline Recalibration / Neuro-linguistic Communication / Sacred Geometry / Theta Quantum Healing / Etheric Surgery



Whatever you need for your personal, spiritual, and professional development for yourself, your business or organization, we are here for you providing life-changing experiences with bottom-line results. Feel free to text us for your personal needs at




I am living my vision and mission as a successful entrepreneur. The path to this goal was shorter than I could have dreamed. My wish was to work less and earn a lot of money. I need to mention that I already had a 6-figure annual salary with a personal driver or company car (depending on the company) before the intuition-based coaching with Asim. But I wanted freedom, creativity, my fulfillment, time for hobbies and nice things and not just pursue the job ladder chasing higher performance goals and more recognition while the ‘fruits of success’ dangling above me may seem up for grabs but get further and further away from me at the same time.


Now, I work freely - that was important to me - and am fully confident. Through this confidence and fulfilling my heart’s greatest desires in business I can very comfortably find good projects and generate 6-digit income in a short period of time, the last time was within 6 weeks only. At times, I am simply speechless and amazed myself. My new business environment also allows me to have a lot of free space for my innermost desires and ideas, which in turn bring new results, projects, and fulfillment. During coaching, my wish was also to find my true potentials (in general) and to realize these more and more. The coaching with Asim enables me to live and discover my potentials in a subtle and until now unknown way.


Agnieszka, CEO



For months, I couldn't sleep properly because of anxiety. The reason: My supervisor is a choleric person. As soon as he came into the company, I couldn't think straight. Plus, I was tense and scared. My problems in my private life didn't make it any easier either. During the 3 months of coaching with Asim, I learned to stand by my opinion and to deal with conflicts constructively. We also worked on my "inner child", which was still afraid of authority. I was able to give the inner child strength and security, so that it is safe and protected now. Moreover, I also gained strength for my own passion. I rediscovered my joy for music and got my first commission as a composer. My music has now been played all over the country. I also found the courage leaving the advertising agency behind and starting something new on my own instead.


I can sleep again, feel generally more relaxed and can look into the future with more confidence. In addition, my tinnitus has been noticeably alleviated since the coaching.


Christian, Creative Director



I came to see Asim for coaching because I could no longer bear how my life was going. My professional failures were bothering me so much that I became depressed and, after a suicide attempt, voluntarily went to a clinic. Since I had the impression that I needed a holistic approach in addition to a classical therapy, I attended Asim’s coaching sessions for the first time. What can I say? Coaching with Asim is magical, inspiring, fun, challenging, wonderful, holistic, and deeply moving. Just as I thought it would be.


After only 3 months of coaching, I can take full responsibility for my life again. I also have a professional perspective again, aiming at self-employment. Now I am daring to just do things, too! Thank you, Asim


Joachim, Entrepreneur


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