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The Diamond Salon - Elite Spiritual Mentoring and VIP Guidance for Handpicked Souls




Investment: 1.2M €

For those with seeking ultimate mastery in life, Infinite Human offers personalized spiritual Base-12 coaching with Asim Aliloski. Located on the French Riviera & Monaco or anywhere else, this opportunity aims to unlock your highest consciousness and unleash your full potential.



Through 1-on-1 guidance, you'll:


- Break free from limiting soul contracts and embrace your divine freedom

- Overcome addictive behaviors and reconnect with your inner wholeness

- Release toxic ancestral patterns for personal liberation

- Let go of unconscious attachements to find true fulfillment

- Boost your mental and spiritual health with enhanced spiritual immunity

- Heal your inner shadows and trapped emotions for enlightenment


Under Asim Aliloski's guidance, you'll shed destructive patterns and negative imprints, reclaiming your divine sovereignty and fulfilling your soul's destiny. By accessing your Infinite Self and clearing mind control, you'll tap into your true essence and ascend spiritually.


Your energetic levels will be monitored and restored daily or weekly, guiding you toward organic spiritual ascension and the embodiment of the Divine. Activating your Diamond Sun Body, your original divine blueprint, you'll ascend to higher consciousness, mastering life's challenges with Zen-like mastery.


Experience the Infinite Human journey  

Engage in guided meditations featuring high-frequency transmission codes, stabilizing and integrating your highest consciousness.

Reprogram your subconscious with powerful healing and abundance frequencies. Access Base-12 music therapy to synchronize brain centers, harmonize your being, and balance your morphogenetic field.

Embark on a path to wholeness with advanced healing techniques like Crystal Light Body Activation, Diamond Sun Body Integration, and Krystal Flower Embodiment. Discover and activate your spiritual gifts, supernatural abilities, and intuitive senses, propelling you toward the next level of purpose, prosperity, health, and wealth in your life.

Unlock your inherent divine design with us


Acivate your Diamond Lightbody for enhanced access to supernatural abilities and psychic powers. Gain mastery over your thoughts and emotions, aligning with pure Unity Consciousness of Omni-Love and Omni-Power.

Continuously repair your spiritual DNA (12 strands or more) to access higher levels of consciousness and facilitate miraculous healing and manifestation.

Transform into a heart-centered soul-human, harnessing your power to illuminate yourself and the world.


Elevate with Ascension Technology


Immerse yourself in Base-12 organic sacred geometry infusions, revitalizing your electromagnetic field for profound DNA regeneration and cellular rejuvenation. Release karmic weights, ancestral imprints, and aging programs, igniting your divine essence. Receive wellness guidance, natural supplements, and lifestyle advice from Asim for optimal health.

Experience the benefits of Light Energy Scalar Wave Technology® and Quantum Energy Technology®, fostering inner peace, joy, and resilience, leading to holistic enhancements across all aspects of your life.

Break Free from Suffering


Experience the liberation of your soul identity through the transmutation of unnatural imprints, distorted implants, and holographic barriers. Shed any addiction to drama, suffering, or sacrifice, reclaiming your personal power, sovereignty, and inner freedom.

Receive daily support through advanced transformational tools and interventions, including Holographic Repatterning, Light Language Communication, Sacred Geometry Infusions, and more. These techniques, alongside Quantum Healing and Biohacking Ascension Technology, will help you release fear, lack consciousness, and limitations. Shed victim-victimizer software and mind control programs, leaving you feeling lighter, whole, energized, and profoundly peaceful like never before.


Experience Exclusive Spiritual Guidance


  • Access personalized 1-on-1 sacred rituals and spiritual mentoring in the world's most luxurious settings, including the French Riviera, Monaco, and globally via online sessions. Opt for sessions on your yacht or private jet for ultimate convenience and luxury, elevating you to higher states of wholeness and unity.
  • Enjoy 12 months of VIP support with tailored spiritual guidance, healing, and mentoring to enhance your spiritual growth. Benefit from remote energy transmissions boosting natural self-esteem, self-love, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-trust across all aspects of your life.
  • Indulge in unparalleled spiritual healing in utmost privacy, harmonizing your brain centers, strengthening your immune system, and revitalizing your vitality for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


The Diamond Salon with Asim Aliloski

You are about to experience cutting-edge tools and modalities that are going to help you unlock your original divine blueprint and soul's deepest desires


Light Language Communication

Unlock, heal, and unleash your divine self through light language communication—a coded language channeled from higher realms. Access the fully realized essence of your being and discover your superhuman nature in quantum time.

Quantum Energy Technology

Harness cutting-edge quantum technology to unlock and manifest your soul's deepest desires. Receive a personalized quantum gift, delivering high frequencies of peace, healing, and abundance to your body and mind wherever you go.

Your Diamond Sun Light Body

Unlock all different layers of your energetic and galactic body leading to full brain illumination supporting you in unleashing your most advanced psychic and intuitive abilities to create the life of your dreams and beyond. Become what you want to see in the world as role model of the New Earth.

Multidimensional Shield Protection

For millennia, human reality has been shaped and influenced. Now is your chance to break free from collective imprints, matrix manipulations, and low-frequency entities. Embrace the freedom to live life on your own terms and according to your own design.

High Frequency Transmission

Receive transmissions from channels of the highest frequencies, facilitating the upgrade, integration, and embodiment of abundance and healing energies within your electromagnetic field. Harmonize and clear all your energetic centers, akashic records, and spiritual DNA across all dimensions of time and space.

Biohacking & Regeneration

Unlock your flow state for increased productivity and bliss with this advanced biohacking technique. Attain peak performance in both body and mind, unleashing the full potential of your soul. Picture yourself as a walking Avatar, radiating Omni-Love and Omni-Power in every step.



The Diamond Salon is suitable for beginners all the way to experienced souls.



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