Money & Wealth Consciousness

Love & peace with money and your finances

I have learnt everything about money. I studied Finance & Taxes, I wrote books about financial systems and worked at financial institutions. But nothing really helped me until I understood... 



Money triggers (still) in you ...


- heavy emotions, because you have existential fears and money worries?

- inner restlessness, because you feel financially insecure and lost?

- harmful behavior, because you act out of lack and resentment?


Don't worry! I had to go through all these emotions. Although I knew everything about money, I still had a very bad money consciousness. Although I studied Finances & Taxes, worked at big banks and wrote books about financial system, I knew nothing about money!


Because you can have no or all the money in the world and still have existential fears, greed, financial worries, ... and so much more.


This is because there is also a money consciousness that you need to change from within in order to master your financial life!


** Do you want more money AND (finally) come into peace with money?
** Do you want more money AND also financial confidence?
** Do you want more money AND also feel safe and secure?
** Do you want more money AND also have more harmony within you?
** Do you want more money AND more ease, love, freedom?


Back to financial flow with Asim Aliloski for sensitive, spiritual, visionary & do-gooder.



What you will learn in this training:


  • What does it mean to have a radiant money mind mindset?
  • How can you make peace with money? Reconcile with your finances now.
  • What is the true essence of money? Unite money & spirituality and penetrate the heart of money.
  • What are the 5 steps to your magical abundance flow? Integrate the abundance codes right in the training.




If you are one of those conscious people who want to seek financial peace, develop financial confidence from within, find financial flow and financial healing, then this spiritual money training is 100% for you.


The truth is that many spiritually-minded people waste enormous potential because they have a bitter inner struggle against money. This resistance manifests in other areas of their lives: they have difficulties in their relationships, their work is not valued, or they live each day with this intangible feeling of not living their true greatness.


Imagine for a moment how liberating it feels to begin this new stage of your life. Money has a great impact on all areas of your life and when you transform your relationship with money into a warm, heartfelt and loving relationship, previously unattainable possibilities are open to you.


Asim will accompany you on this evening into the infinite possibilities of living your financial abundance with even more love and ease.




The training is NOT for you:



 ... if you just want money instead of true abundance and transformation from inside-out.

... if you want to know more about investments and investment strategies.

... if you do not want to take responsibility for your finances in the here and now.

... if you are not completely open for consciousness work, energy and mindset.


Money abundance will help you with energetic coaching, quantum technology and spiritual guidance to shift your financial reality on unconscious, conscious and superconscious level through all time, space, dimensions and reality. You are a multidimensional being and so your money.



For questions & booking:


If you have your own idea about a retreat with a special location, please write us an email.



How to work with Asim

Allow yourself non-forgettable healing, transformation and illumination of your body, mind and soul with energetic coaching, cutting-edge quantum wellness technology and spiritual guidance.


In all trainings with Asim you will receive divine transformational experience through:


Spiritual 12 Strings DNA Activation / Light Language Reprograming / 33 Frequency Codes Activation / Energetic Grid Restructuring / 49 Dimension Anchoring / Personal Subliminal Hypnosis / Quantum Frequency Technology / Biohacking Interventions and so much more. It will blow your mind.



Immersion Program

Your immersion program with Asim includes:

- Intensive coaching program with Asim via Zoom and/or on-site (6 - 12 months)

- Personal VIP one-on-one coaching (group coachings on request)

- Costumer support during your immersion journey
- Personal guide to ensure best preperation
- Constant evaluations fo your results


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