Holistic Life Coaching for Gay Men

The holistic lifestyle coaching for gay men with Asim helps you to understand, attract and appreciate all you want as a gay man and much more.


You will focus on creating deep transformation in the inside and shine from the outside. Tap into your flow in life and your career.



As a gay man you walk through life facing different challenges. You want to be accepted and loved by society or your family. But why don’t you get the love and care you wish for from others then?


You yearn for a soul partner and wish to have a fulfilling sex life. But why is so difficult to be in long term relationship?


You try everything to stay young and handsome forever. But why do you have to struggle with your age?


Moreover, as a gay man you insist on having all money and success you need to express your need of living the lifestyle you desire.



And all you want you can have - it just takes inner growth and discovering your inner greatness



The holistic life coaching for gay men with Asim helps you to understand, attract and appreciate all you want as a gay man and much more.


You will focus on creating deep transformation in the inside and shine from the outside.



A new way of living your life as a gay man


The coaching program with Asim can help you to create deep flow transformation in the following areas of your life.











  • WELL-AGING and much more





If you want more love and acceptance from others, then you have to be able to accept and love yourself fully first. But you were probably raised in a society where self-acceptance was not taught to you. On contrary, you were different and people showed you that it’s wrong to be different and unique. So you became resistant to your own beingness.


Stop listening to others for a moment and look inside. There lies the key to your transformation and self-confidence. Inner Transformation & Self-Acceptance helps you to achieve deep inner change that makes you feel flow in your life and shape your outer world to your desires.





No-String-Attached-Dating can be fun but in the long term you yearn for a soul partner in your life to share all that you have and are. At the same time you are living in a heterosexual society which is full of dogmas and rules that some parts of you won’t accept.


Get rid of any relationship blockades you have and create a new vision of a fulfilling relationship. With LTR & SEX LIFE you will transform neurotic sexual needs and open yourself to an enjoyable sexuality as a single or within your relationship expressed in your unique way, whether open or exclusive or something in between. And you will finally attract the perfect partner with whom you will want to enjoy your life.





Every gay man has the need to live his mission and calling. You were born different and have learned to fight for who you are. Thus, you don’t want to accept any constraints anymore but to prosper financially as well as emotionally and to unfold your greatest potentials.


Career & Success Boosting helps you to transform any blockades around money and success and at the same time integrate deep love, harmony, flow and creativity into your professional life. Find your purpose and get truly successful - emotionally, financially and spiritually.





It is never too late to get your body in shape. But before working on the image, you have to master your inner world. Begin by training your mind that helps you to create the health you desire. Focus on a healthy mind and what makes you strong, vital and highly vibrational. This will boost your muscles and beauty. Moreover, find your very own body type, the one your body is made for.


Health Mind & Body Shaping balances your mind and body and helps you to achieve your health goals. You will get rid of any mental and physical barriers or addictations like chemsex or drug abuse that stop you from looking the way you desire and instead create health, beauty and strength in your body, mind and soul.





In an anti-aging society nobody wants to age and get old. Especially, gay people are scared of aging since it could mean to be less attractive, less smart and less desired. So, you do everything to stay young and handsome forever. But this will not work since you are covering your core emotions around aging. Here again: work from the inside out.


Well-Aging is a new way of thinking and treating yourself while becoming older. It transforms all your beliefs about vitality and attractiveness at older ages. If you manage to see yourself and your age differently then you will know what to do to well-age, stay attractive, healthy and good-looking forever. This process is also about connecting with your spiritual roots so that you become ageless and timeless like your soul.



The Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for gay men is for you if you

  • commit to transforming from the inside out
  • commit to changing yourself first in order to create a long term fulfilling relationship
  • commit to enjoying a healthy gay sex life and opening to the beauty of your nature.
  • commit to experiencing personal growth and discovering who you really are
  • commit to unfolding your greatest potentials and flow in life

How to work with Asim

Allow yourself non-forgettable healing, transformation and illumination of your body, mind and soul with energetic coaching, cutting-edge quantum wellness technology and spiritual guidance.


In all trainings with Asim you will receive divine transformational experience through:


Spiritual 12 Strings DNA Activation / Light Language Reprograming / 33 Frequency Codes Activation / Energetic Grid Restructuring / 49 Dimension Anchoring / Personal Subliminal Hypnosis / Quantum Frequency Technology / Biohacking Interventions and so much more. It will blow your mind.



Immersion Retreat

Your immersion retreat with Asim includes:

- Intensive retreat days with Asim via Zoom and/or on-site (3 - 12 days)

- Personal VIP one-on-one coaching (group coaching on request)

- Exclusive working spots on-site with personal care

- Personal guide to ensure best preperation

- Constant evaluations of your results


Immersion Program

Your immersion program with Asim includes:

- Intensive coaching program with Asim via Zoom and/or on-site (6 - 12 months)

- Personal VIP one-on-one coaching (group coachings on request)

- Costumer support during your immersion journey
- Personal guide to ensure best preperation
- Constant evaluations fo your results


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