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Online & Live Events Coaching l Consulting - Rates


Coaching with me is fun, fascinating, eye-opening, energising, challenging and deeply transformational. It will make you whole; it will heal you and help you create visible results in your life beyond your imagination.


I work with most clients from half a year to three years. Please only apply for coaching, if you are fully committed to your progress and transformation and if you are willing to fully live the change you want to experience (not just visualizing or believing).


My work is not just about being a little bit happier or having a bit more money. It is about going deep inside, expressing everything you are and unfolding your greatest possibilities in your life and career. No matter how happy or successful you aready are, there is always a next step of deeper expressing of what is all possible.



Initial Session

1,800 EUR

- Online Coaching

- E-Mail Support

2 Months Coaching

5,000 EUR

- Online Coaching

- E-Mail Support

- Intense Evaluations

- Personal Meditations

- Personal Tools

- Newsletter Inspirations

6-12 Months Coaching

10,000 - 100,000 EUR

-Online Coaching + Live Events

-E-Mail Support

-Intense Evaluations

-Personal Meditations

-Personal Tools & Methods

-Holistic Wellness Guidelines

-Personal Subliminals

-Newsletter Inspirations + Videos


Deep 1:1 online and live coaching with no limits all year round

Online Coaching / 1on1 Offline Coaching / Live Events / World Retreats / VIP Care  /



1,000,000 EUR


For requests: office@asimaliloski.com


The price includes:

  • intensive virtual coaching sessions (face-to-face coachings on request)
  • written e-mail reports about your development before and after each session
  • personal toolbox with exercises and techniques for your daily integration practice
  • 360 degree feedback and evaluations of your development in-between and after your program


The base price includes virtual coaching meetings (or phone). Personal meetings in Vienna (or depending on my agenda) on request. For other locations or special needs, extra costs may arise for the program that will be clarified in advance.


For questions and bookings, please write us an email to: office@asimaliloski.com



Other rates & prices


Find here Asim's base prices for other coaching and consulting services.


Group Coaching Day

from 10,000 EUR

Retreat Coaching Day

from 10,000 EUR

21 Days Immersion

from 50,000 EUR


The basis price is for a single person and does not cover any travel expenses and expenses for personal needs. Prices for groups on request. All prices are without VAT. Please ask for payment plans.


Please ask for a free pre-analysis and inspirational meeting for clarifying your personal issues and deep goals. For questions and bookings, please write us an email to: office@asimaliloski.com



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