Online Summit with Asim - 26 Days to Greatness

I am honored and excited to have been invited to be a featured speaker inside of the 26 Days to Greatness Challenge hosted by Miko Lau to support you on your journey to your greatness beginning on June 1st, 2020.

Imagine being mentored by me and 25 other international experts, heart-driven leaders such as Bestselling Authors, 7- Figure Entrepreneurs, Transformational Speakers, Spiritual Success Coaches, Thought Leaders, etc., for 26 days.


Online Summit with Asim - The Entrepreneur Project

Join me at this entrepreneur online summit. I am one of the 24 speakers helping you to succeed as an entrepreneur. No matter if you are a coach, healer, creative, freelancer …, as soon as you run your own business you are an entrepreneur. And I hope you really want to grow financially and spiritually with your soul purpose. We can help you with that!


Online Summit with Asim - YOU ARE ENOUGH

I am very happy to talk at the international summit for trans people. This event with more the 20 experts is for all trans and friends who want to find out how to “love, thrive, and be a trans powerhouse." I am going to talk about how our spiritual identity can support us in our healing and transformation.

Want to live the most #Authentic, #Inspired, #YouAreEnough life? Then, join my friend Myrrial Browning and me for a powerful, informative interview series: Free online series.



Immersion Days & Retreats 2020


Monte-Carlo, Monaco // 2020

Cote d'Azur, France // 2020

Vienna, Austria // 2020

Bern, Switzerland // 2020

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