My wonderful friend Friederike Sadhana von Benten is about to start with her online BLISS PARTY!!!


And I am super happy to be on board as one of her thought leaders. This event is for German speakers and I am glad to contribute something in German this time.


At the Bliss Party, I am going to talk about what you can do and, above all, be in order to create your Bliss Lifestyle. I enjoyed my Bliss Lifestyle from the age of 21, without any money at this time.


The thing is, when you begin to truly value yourself and your needs, just as you value a loved one, the universe sets miracles in motion for you no matter where you are in life right now.


I am also going to talk about the voice of your heart, and you can immediately get in touch with your own soul and your soul's deepest desires during the interview.



Together with Dr. Brown, I am going to talk about mental health. I guess the most important thing in the world right now. [❤] [❤]

There is no true success without mental health. What do you think?


Have a look at this summit and find out how you can boost your mental immune system and develop an healthy mindset.


Healthier You In 2022, hosted by Dr. Aiyana Brown. Join us starting March 7th, 2022 and learn from top experts the keys to maintaining a healthier approach to life. This 21-day Virtual Summit is designed to enhance self-awareness, educate personal growth, inspire transformative change necessary for a healthier lifestyle.



May all women in this world remind us again of the quality of the feminine essence. May they lead by example and show us what it means to love, surrender, trust and flow through life with beauty. May they honour the masculine essence in men and have compassion for humanity.

By the way, Zara Mahmood from the UK is running a wonderful summit and she has interviewed me about the mindset and energy you need to have in order to tap into your greatness and live a life without limits.

For me personally, a life without limits sets you off to a path of personal fulfilment, inner peace and meaningful success alongside a first class lifestyle. I am going to be talking about the mindset and energetic strategies that are going to be supporting you in this journey.


I’ve been invited to speak at the Do What You Love Summit. Jackie Kotei, a former US TV reporter, wanted to know from me what you can do to

- have far more energy throughout a day
- be less busy but more productive in general
- let go of what you don’t really enjoy

I am also going to guide you through a meditation in order to tap into your higher consciousness. The key for more fulfilment in life is not necessarily to DO more but BE more of what you truly are: a heart and purpose driven soul being.
Grab your free ticket here:

And always keep in mind: You are meant for a life full of love.


When people ask me how I have been running my successful coaching business
without a huge team,
without expensive marketing budgets
without even a business plan and
with plenty of free time, flexibility and ease …

I usually answer it this way: It’s all energy. The more you align with your inner wisdom, your higher intelligence and the right mindset, the LESS you need to do things in the outside in order to make things work out for you.

Listen to my interview with Gina, a wonderful entrepreneur from New York, who has started an awesome event with the greatest speakers she could find all about the art of entrepreneurship.

I am super proud to be one of the invited guest experts giving you inspirational insights into the consciousness, energy and mindset you can develop in order to run a business through magic and synchronicity. I won't tell you what to do more of in order to succeed but instead less of in an aligned way.

Make Money Faster

I was interviewed by the wonderful Eileen about the spirituality of money. I am going to talk about how spirituality can facilitate us to shape our financial reality in accordance with our higher values, visions and soul’s deepest desires.

I have to admit that the title of the event series is a bit misleading. No, I'm not going to give you fast food strategies for making money in a short amount of time. Instead, I want you to tap into a higher consciousness with money and make it as a part of your spiritual journey.

There is a free ticket version for the event as well as a purchasable one with more features. Here you can find the link – register now


Upscale Summit

Have you struggled to find the right focus and energy to bring your business to the next level?

Join the ScaleUp Success Summit and discover 21 Days and 21 Experts to help you Create a Clear Path to Successfully Scale Your Business!

Business accelerator expert, Laura Hicks, is interviewing me and I am coming on air today.

I am going to talk about:
- What helped me to accelerate my business transformation?
- What you need to do when you get stuck in your business?
- How you can achieve far more by being less busy?
- How divine intelligence can help you to shift your results?
- Why you are meant for greatness?


Craft your Charisma

In this free live training about crafting your charisma I will talk with superhost Andrew about:

- How to become your real YOU which is naturally your most charismatic self
- How to activate your YIN / YANG energies to ground in your charismatic self
- How to open your heart center to attract like a magnet the things you love
- How to open up to your sexual energy to create what you desire in your life.


I’ll be there to help you awaken your most charismatic self within.



Activate your divine greatness with me at this free online event

Spark your passion and ambition with the Ignite that God-Given Potential online event. You will get access to top advice from me and other 21+ experts, as well as master obstacles that are stopping you from reaching financial freedom and true empowerment.

I’ll be there to help you awaken your divine greatness within.




Get coached by me together with other 6 experts for free at this online event! Make sure you catch it!


Lauren Golen and I will talk live about the power of your intuition and how it can help you as a guide to your success.

“Breakthrough: Level Up Your Leadership and Live in the Flow of Prosperity and Purpose” is all about fully realizing the magnitude of your mission in the world and being joyful, confident and successful as you manifest it.

Online Summit with Asim - 26 Days to Greatness

I am honored and excited to have been invited to be a featured speaker inside of the 26 Days to Greatness Challenge hosted by Miko Lau to support you on your journey to your greatness beginning on June 1st, 2020.

Imagine being mentored by me and 25 other international experts, heart-driven leaders such as Bestselling Authors, 7- Figure Entrepreneurs, Transformational Speakers, Spiritual Success Coaches, Thought Leaders, etc., for 26 days.


Online Summit with Asim - The Entrepreneur Project

Join me at this entrepreneur online summit. I am one of the 24 speakers helping you to succeed as an entrepreneur. No matter if you are a coach, healer, creative, freelancer …, as soon as you run your own business you are an entrepreneur. And I hope you really want to grow financially and spiritually with your soul purpose. We can help you with that!


Online Summit with Asim - YOU ARE ENOUGH

I am very happy to talk at the international summit for trans people. This event with more the 20 experts is for all trans and friends who want to find out how to “love, thrive, and be a trans powerhouse." I am going to talk about how our spiritual identity can support us in our healing and transformation.

Want to live the most #Authentic, #Inspired, #YouAreEnough life? Then, join my friend Myrrial Browning and me for a powerful, informative interview series: Free online series.

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