What coaching clients say about Asim

Joachim K – Executive / Entrepreneur


I got coached by Asim because I couldn’t take my life anymore. My professional failures affected me so much that I became depressed and went to a clinic voluntarily after a suicide attempt. Since I had the impression that I needed a holistic approach in addition to classical therapy, I joined Asim’s coaching. What can I say? Coaching with Asim is magical, inspiring, funny, profound, challenging, wonderful, and holistic. After just three months of coaching, I can take full responsibility for my life. I also have a professional perspective to become a successful entrepreneur! Now I feel ready for that like I have never felt before! Thank you, Asim

Christian B - Creative Director / Entrepreneur


I haven’t been able to sleep properly for months because I’m afraid, and the reason I have is my boss who is a cholerist. Once he came to the company, I couldn’t think straight, I was tense and scared. My personal problems didn’t make it any easier. In the three months of coaching with Asim, I learned to stand by my opinion and conduct conflicts constructively. We also worked on my “inner child,” which was still afraid of authoritarianism. I was able to give the inner child strength and security so that it would now feel safe and secure. Besides, I gained strength for my passion, and I rediscovered my music and got my first project as a composer. My music has now been played nationwide. I have also had the courage to leave the advertising agency and to go on my own. I can sleep again; feel more relaxed and confident about the future. Besides, my tinnitus has eased noticeably since coaching.

Christina Z - Visionary / Political Advisor


I realized how powerful I am, which is tremendously good. And I understand why I feel so comfortable in the presence of other powerful people. And that I’m provided with everything, which makes me feel much better and reduces a lot of pressure. At times, however, I fall short of the fearful task of doing everything. Here I am looking forward to move on, I am so happy overall, my head is now free to think even bigger. My first ideas for a world government are manifesting … I am now living my everyday life much more joyful and intense. The coaching with Asim is focused, relaxed, clear and effective. After only 3 months of coaching, the first business opportunities as a political advisor are already developing. Asim, I am so grateful for helping me lifting the veil and getting the access to the infinite possibilities of the universe. And at the same time find very specific answers to why I am here.

Agnieszka N - Senior Executive / Entrepreneur


Coaching has helped me to experience the period of sadness. I was able to transform my issues and realize my new potentials. Through Asim’s work, I realized that I can have different perspectives on my issues and use them to my benefit. Coaching with Asim gave me access to the potentials I’ve wanted to bring to light for so long. It has helped me to master my feelings at all and to name and feel them etc. I was able to transform my limiting patterns for the better, and I’m in the process of expressing myself more fully. Setting limits without going over “others” or “me”. I am able now to live my life more consciously and to realize that I have even a mission here on Earth. And I’ve come a lot closer to my star siblings. I am much calmer now and have much more confidence to do the right thing for myself. I’ve been earning more since coaching with Asim, but I’ve gained just as much time and freedom. A retreat with Asim is like a rocket to you. It’s amazing how much energy, knowledge, and transformation is/is happening in the few hours.


I was able to exponentially improve my consciousness and my quality of life... Although I have passed through many downs, now my life is in ease, without struggle and without long therapies, I have been tapping into in the fullness of abundance and flow of life. Thank Asim my Business & Life Coach, who has accompanied me through the last three years and all the ups and downs and taught me inner silence (and many other very magical things).

Karolina S – Managing Director


Coaching with Asim is a big gift, and I’ve been promoted since then, and I’ve got a new task back to fun and challenge. Besides, I do much better, I can say things more clearly, and I have a better relationship with my supervisor. In general, I feel confident, clearer since coaching with Asim. I earn more, and at the same time I’m much calmer. Coaching with Asim is spiritual, holistic, deep, amusing, exciting, and inspiring and a gift!

Angelika P. – Executive Leader


I found the feeling of gratitude again, quite simply through the dissolution of a limiting beliefg. The insight from that was that it would actually be so easy if the mind didn’t constantly interfere. I am more able to master my mind I’m much stronger inside myself, laughing about things that would trigger me in the past, eating much less, and having less kilo. It’s easier to get up in the morning and be not so tired.

Sabine G – Finance Professional


After only 2 months of coaching with Asim, I can now accept myself as I am. I almost through with my anxiety and fears. I’ve made new friends, and I can get closer to people. My attitude towards sexuality and partnership has changed a lot, and I’ve learned to deal with my addiction to control everything. Even my skin has improved; I accept my body and suddenly find myself pretty, even leave my apartment without makeup. Besides, I’m building my own life - I’m going to sing again, and I’m going to enroll in a choir. I started to play the piano and read new books. I feel very comfortable and I can be myself. I admire Asim very much for his work and his skills. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always having fun during meetings. With his help, I have managed to regain the joy of life and to rejoice in what is yet to come. Although I still crash sometimes, and I’m afraid that nothing will change, but I am now able to recover much faster and I know that I want to live and love and have fun now, and I can.

Sonja G. - Entrepreneur


A significant progress after a session is that I have learned to deal with my own emotions better and also to notice them when they are not my own. This has had a very positive effect on my health! Besides, I can see that I can do better every day. For me, it’s really nice to see that there are people like Asim who can feel connect to your feelings and energy in such a short time and give you effective, easy-to-do exercises to actually implement what you want. Asim’s work is effective, focused, amazing, eventful and striking!

Jace P - Entrepreneur / Therapist


Asim has the ability to sense the unspoken, he always innately knows the right balance between challenge and support - although he does both throughout his work.  For me the essence that I observe in Asim's work is his love for everything and his ability to express this in an unconditional manner consistently. For me it was: inspiring, unique, eye opening, magical, spiritual, inclusive and supportive. I have noticed calmness in my other thinking.  I have an increased awareness of spirituality and a sense of peace within myself. I have changed my orientation towards nature and being one with everything around me.  I have learnt to own my own emotions and no longer struggle to suppress certain feelings but allow them and give them the space to present themselves as they are.

Sabine B. – Executive / Senior Professional


Asim Aliloski has psychic skills for me: he senses blockages and transforms them into a gift; he opens up healing for conflict and shows you that something seemingly obstructive also has an important message for you. He has the ability to activate heart and emotions that have long been buried. His ability is also to help people cope with uncertainty. And on top of that, he sees in me potentials that I’m not even aware of. After only two months of consultation I was able to cope with challenging tasks again. At the same time, I have managed to open myself up better to others, to communicate more and thus find new ways forward. I’ve become softer and emotional overall, making the world around me seem less harsh.

Laurent Amann – Entrepreneur / Animal Whisperer


I started out with a job I didn’t like. Now my work gives me great pleasure and I feel good again, and Asim Aliloski has supported me on this path. Asim simply finds the clear words for me and my work before I can pronounce it myself. Thanks to him, my USP became ever clearer, so clear that I became very interesting for the media. Many people praised my company appearance and working method, from animal care, doctoral, dog trainer to animal whisperer. Asim’s work is comprehensive, clear and efficient.


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Corporate Clients / References

Shunyata Villas Bali

  • Head Hunting
  • Cultural Integration
  • Global Brand Management
  • Winning Top Hotel Awards
  • International Media Relations
  • Strategic Development

Der Tierflüsterer

  • Coaching & Personal Development
  • Personal Branding
  • Unique Selling Personality
  • Celebrity & Reputation Management
  • Personality Positioning
  • Media Relations & Web Development

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  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Strategic Development
  • Branding & Corporate Design
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  • Editorial Management / Editor in Chief
  • Budgeting & Controlling
  • Content Management
  • Luxury, Wellness & Lifestyle
  • Branding & Positioning


  • Editorial Management / Editor in Chief
  • Budgeting & Controlling
  • Content Management
  • Luxury, Wellness & Lifestyle
  • Branding & Positioning

Circus Pikard

  • Mental Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Media Relations & PR
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Strategic Development
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