Spiritual Global Coaching Circle For Soulful Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Full Year Membership Fee 100k €




The Golden Circle is a private and exclusive global network with heart-driven leaders and entrepreneurs ready to step into world class greatness. Every member strives for spiritual excellence in order to exert influence globally and transform this world into a better place.



One-on-One coaching with Asim and his co-healers

A 12 months program that every member is going to go through in order to awaken true divine greatness for your inner peace and meaningful success alongside a first class lifestyle.


Quantum Healing

Quantum heal on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level

Ultimate Biohacking

Upgrade your brain, optimize your body and mental power

Money Abundance

Find peace with money and flow into abundance

Business Magic

Boost your success as entrepreneur & leader with magic

Spiritual Bliss

Find access to your most divine greatness

Mindful Leadership

Transform yourself into a world-class leader




You are going to receive a world-class one-on-one online coaching with Asim and his co-healer team. The session with Asim are going to take place face-to-face.


You are going to enjoy deep support and guidance from our co-healers helping you to keep your vibration high and manifest at the speed of light.


You are also going to enjoy 2 live events per year on the French Riviera supporting you in creating your superhuman identity.



Live Events with Asim on the French Riviera


These are the energetic tools and modalities that are going to help you uncover your supernatural gifts


Light Language Intervention

Your divine self will get harmonized, healed and unleashed with light language intervention, a specific coded communication channeled through light beings to help you get access to the full realized core of your being. You will discover your superhuman nature.

Quantum Energy Technology

We will use cutting edge technology working on quantum level that will help you unlock and manifest your soul’s deepest desires. You will receive a quantum gift that you can carry with you all the time providing your being with personalized high vibes.

Crystal Light Body Activation

You will unlock all different layers of your energetic and galactic body leading to full brain illumination on seven levels supporting you in using your most advanced psychic and intuitive abilities to create the life you love beyond your imagination.

Multidimensional Shield Protection

Human reality has been manipulated over the past 3000 years and more. This is your opportunity to unplug from any collective imprints, matrix manipulations and low vibe entities. You will become free to live your life on your own terms and by design.

Frequency Transmission

This transmission comes from light beings of highest vibrations helping you to upgrade, integrate and embody abundance and healing energies in your reality. All your energetic centres will be harmonized and cleared accross all time and space.

Biohacking & Regeneration

Tap into your flow state for enhanced productivity and bliss with this ultimate biohacking intervention. You will achieve optimum state in your body and mind. It's time to unleash your full potential of your soul. It will blow your mind and soul.



You are also going to have the opportunity to connect with other world-class leaders and entrepreneurs benefiting from an impactful and soulful golden community.


Every member of The Golden Cercle Coaching Network is a spiritual global pioneer. We are the REAL illuminatis. We have come to earth to share our secret wisdom and help people and businesses fully uplift and upgrade.




The Golden Cercle


The most exclusive spiritual network in the world with online coaching, live coaching events and member reunions to exert influence globally and become a world-class leader.




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