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Personal Flow Coaching Retreat Day with Asim

Imagine a day that can change everything


Your coaching day with Asim is an intense retreat for your body, mind and soul opening a magic space for transformation and true insights.


The coaching retreat day is aimed at creating a field of infinite consciousness where your greatest potentials will show up and any personal limitations disappear.


We will use effective mind and energetic tools combined with magnetic field therapy to balance your body and soul and regenerate your being on all levels.


Retreat Program


Guided Meditation and Energetic Work clearing energetic & mental blockades


Intensive Transformative Coaching with one or more topics of this agenda:


  • Transform destructive patterns and external manipulative influences
  • Crystallise spiritual and material life goals and manifest inside-out
  • Explore extraordinary potentials and skills and learn how to express them
  • Heal on mental and energetic level which has a deep impact on your body
  • Open your eyes for your soul mission and your greatest passion
  • Develop holistic strategies for your career and business


Integration & Q&A Channelling Session – ask what you always wanted to know and get the answer from your soul and intuition:

  • Who are you really and where do you come from?
  • What are your challenges good for and how can you grow out of them?
  • How can you be the best version of yourself and live a fulfilled life?


and much more…



Coaching Retreat Day with Asim includes:

  • your individual Welcome Guide with valuable information to ensure best preparation
  • a written pre-analysis for clarifying your personal issues to assure an optimal start
  • half or full day coaching retreat with Asim Aliloski in Vienna or somewhere else
  • documentation of your progress and development
  • evaluation of your results and breakthroughs including practical exercises for integration of your target



The retreat is bookable for single persons, couples and groups reaching from 6 – 12 people.

Retreat price on request office@asimaliloski.com .

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