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Stars, Unternehmer, Kreative und viele andere im Gespräch mit Asim

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Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul. Marcus Aurelius


Take the chance to personally and professionally grow and advance yourself. Get back you to your heart and experience the joy of transformation.



Immersion Success Coaching in Monaco or Nice 2020

Flow with me to create deep transformation, turnarounds and breakthroughs for your success

Spiritual Transformation Retreat in Cap Ferrat, France

Check out this amazing transformation opportunity in Cap Ferrat 2020

Spiritual Flow Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Check out this amazing transformation opportunity in Bali, Indonesia

Life Transformation & Career Success Retreat for individuals, groups and companies can be booked on request.


Our personal growth retreats are each planned with a unique intention, whether to help you optimize your lifestyle, heal your emotional body, or move past struggles, obstacles, or anything standing in your way of reaching your highest potential.


Life Transformation & Career Success Retreat with Asim gives you the tools, energy and the passion to deeply experience transformation, turnarounds and change in your business and personal life.



Life Transformation Retreat

Bring back love, harmony and intuition in your professional life and your career.




Career Success Retreat

Take the chance to personally grow and advance yourself with an expanded consciousness and intuition.


Further information on Career Success Retreat



Immersion Coaching Days with Asim


Your coaching day with Asim is an intense retreat for your body, mind and soul opening a magic space for your consciousness for deep transformation and true insights.



Image a day that can change your life. We will use effective mind and energetic tools combined with magnetic field therapy to balance your body and soul and regenerate your being on all levels. More information

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