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Bali Spiritual Growth & Transformation with Asim

Take advantage of your stay on the Island of the Gods for personal growth and development.


Gain deep spiritual insights in Bali about the infinite possiblities in your life


The high vibrational energy of Bali, the spiritual temples, the volcanic mountains and the beaches, merging with the Indian Sea, have a transformational and healing impact on body, mind and soul. You will grow spiritually, expand your consciousness and enter into your natural flow state.


Take advantage of your stay on the Island of the Gods for personal growth and development: Connect yourself with the primal energies of nature and spirituality. Improve your own energy and release new transformational energies within you.


This spiritual retreat is also the perfect starting point for Bali tours. Round trips, half-day or full-day tours are tailor-made for you. Experience the authentic Bali in varied, romantic excursions.


This retreat is supporting you to dangle your soul, to slow down and get calm. The energies in exclusive wellness resorts, daily massages and the general feel-good atmosphere will make you feel relaxed and reclaimed. Spoil yourself by diving into the voices of nature and the silence to find inner peace. You deserve it.



Spiritual Transformation in Bali, the island of Gods

I was living in Bali for over a year experiencing the most exclusive and eco-friendly wellness spots. Enjoy your retreat at secluded and highly vibration powerful sites in Bali. Experience unforgettable days on Bali, one of the most beautiful islands on earth.


Immerse in the unknown world of being, supported by the spiritual coach and healer Asim Aliloski.


This transformational retreat releases your greatest potential and power waiting for you to be discovered.


During our Bali Retreat we focus on having a week to rebalance, relax and rejuvenate through the art of spiritual transformation and cultural experience.


Your healing and transformation in Bali:

  • let go of any obstructive patterns and reinvent yourself
  • crystalize spiritual and tangible life goals and manifest them in your life
  • explore extraordinary potentials and skills and learn to express them fully
  • solve the causes for any limitations, conflicts and blockades in your life
  • get even more fulfilment, sense and clarity in your life and encounter yourself again



Your spiritual retreat includes:

  • intense life transformation coaching sessions accompanied with magnetic field therapy
  • intense meditation & healing sessions to significantly increase your energy level
  • highest privacy with personal guidance and high-end eco-luxury according to your needs
  • your individual Welcome Guide with valuable information to ensure best preparation
  • a written pre-analysis for clarifying your personal issues to assure an optimal start
  • documentation of your progress and transformation goals during your retreat experience
  • evaluation of you results including practical exercises for integration for the time after



As additional offers you can book:

  • consultation with a Balinese healer
  • a personal tour guide on-site to discover the best spots on the island
  • detox and revitalization massages carried out by highly qualified massage therapists
  • Yoga classes and other holistic treatments to experience deeper flow during your stay



Further facts:


The half or full day retreat is bookable for a single person, couples and groups.


You will enjoy half or full board for your stay with healthy and delicious organic gourmet food, tailored to you and your short-cuts (also vegetarian, vegan, lactose or gluten-free …)


Language English or German.



For questions & booking: office@asimaliloski.com

If you have your own idea about a retreat with a special location, please write us an email.

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