For radiant leaders & entrepreneurs with the mission to step into their greatness and transform this world into a better place.

Regain your superpower and change the world.



Your VIP immersion coaching day with Asim is an intense retreat for your body, mind and soul opening a magic space for transformation and true insights. Discover with me your life purpose and develop the energy, consciousness and mindset you need in order to make it a success.



The coaching day is aimed at creating your next level of success where your greatest potentials will show up and any personal limitations disappear.



We will use effective mental and energetic tools combined with professional coaching to get the results in alignment with your divine plan.


Current Enrollment: Immersion Coaching Days with Asim Aliloski in Vienna, Austria and Bern, Switzerland

Vienna, Austria - Golden Square

July - 20th September 2020

Bern, Switzerland - Schweizerhof

August 19 - 26, 2020

VIP Immersion Coaching Days


Guided Meditation and Energetic Work clearing energetic & mental blockades


Intensive Transformative Coaching with one or more topics on this agenda:


  • Transform destructive patterns and external influences weakening your power!
  • Crystallise spiritual and material life goals and manifest inside-out with the power of your heart!
  • Explore extraordinary potentials and skills and learn how to express them in all areas of your life!
  • Heal on mental and energetic level in order to tap into your greatness with your soul purpose!
  • Open your eyes for your soul mission and your greatest passion and develop the mindset and energy to manifest!
  • Develop holistic strategies for your career and business and find out what your next level of success is!



and much more…



VIP Immersion Coaching Days with Asim includes:

  • your individual Welcome Guide with valuable information to ensure best preparation


  • a written pre-analysis for clarifying your personal goals to assure an optimal start


  • VIP immersion coaching with Asim Aliloski personally at an exclusive high vibe location


  • documentation of your progress and development after the immersion coaching day(s)


  • evaluation of your results and breakthroughs including practical exercises for integration of your target



Please write us a request if you wish another location for your immersion coaching to .




Your 5D energetic upgrade during the immersion days:

• Divine Matrix Activation
• Soul Based Identity
• Unity Consciousness
• Multidimensional Awareness
• Heart Based Leadership
• Intuition Based Decision Making
• Instant Manifestations






VIP Immersion Coaching Day - Deep: 5,000 EUR


VIP Immersion Coaching Days - Intensive: 10,000 EUR



For requests and bookings mail us to:



Language: German or English




More information in German:


Die VIP Immersion Coaching Tage verlaufen in 4 Phasen:  


Phase 1: Vertiefende Ressourcen Aktivierung mit Audio Mp3 Subliminals bis zum VIP Immersion Tag

Phase 2: VIP Immersion Tag(e) live in Wien, Nizza oder an einer anderen Location

Phase 3: Integrations- und Implementierung begleitet durch personalisierte Tools und Methoden

Phase 4: Online Follow-Up Laser Coaching inkl. Evaluierung der Ergebnisse



1 VIP Immersion Tag mit allen Phasen (Deep): EUR 5,000,--

3 VIP Immersion Tage mit allen Phasen (Intensive): EUR 10,000,--


Deine nächsten Schritte:

  1. Bekomme eine Vision davon, wie eine Zusammenarbeit dein berufliches und privates Leben wesentlich verbessern würde.
  2. Entscheide dich für Deep oder Intensive.
  3. Schreibe mir eine Nachricht mit deiner Entscheidung. Du bekommst dann eine steuerabzugsfähige Rechnung. Mit der Überweisung ist dein Platz gebucht.

    Weitere Informationen & Buchung:



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