Career & Success Retreat with Asim

Bring back love, harmony and intuition in your professional life and your career.


Develop an expanded consciousness creating expontenial success and change.


Bring back love, harmony and intuition in your professional life and your career.


Are you longing for a deeper, more fulfilling success? Are you hunting for success which is in alginment with your purpose? Are you aiming to have more prosperity and wealth and simultaneously develop love, health and harmony? Or do you wish to uncover hidden leadership potentials or skills and improve or increase them?

The personal Career Success Retreat with author & coach Asim Aliloski supports you with the tools, energy, power and passion you need for creating the deep transformation, turnarounds and breakthroughs for succeeding in your professional life and at the same time encountering yourself again.

Benefit from an expanded consciousness for new creativity, inspiration, zest for action and focus. Bring back love, harmony and intuition in your professional life and your career.


Career & Success Retreat creates a breakthrough in your business and career


  • develop holistic and sustainable visions for your career and success
  • transform obstructive success and money doctrines hindering your potential
  • connect the urge towards success and wealth with love, harmony and inner guidance
  • open your eyes for real visions and your biggest mission in life
  • balance your body, spirit and soul and reclaim yourself on all levels
  • forge new strategies, turnarounds and breakthroughs for your own business
  • discover powerful potential, skills and gifts which are within you waiting to be expressed
  • learn to live success and performance not at the expenses of wealth, love and harmony



Career & Success Retreat with Asim includes:


  • your individual Welcome Guide with valuable information to ensure best preparation
  • a written pre-analysis for clarifying your personal issues to assure an optimal start
  • intense career & success coachings or consulting sessions on-site or virtually
  • intense meditation & body work sessions to significantly increase your energy level
  • documentation of your progress and your goals in a coaching and reflection book
  • evaluation of your results and successes including practical exercises for integration of your success target


The half or full day retreat is bookable for a single person, couples and groups reaching from 3 – 12 people for 3 - 10 days. Language: English or German




For questions & booking:


If you have your own idea about a retreat with a special location, please write us an email.

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