Life Transformation Retreat with Asim

Take the chance to personally grow and advance yourself.


Experience full  and deep transformation of your consciousness through healing and expansion.



Attain deep insights in your personality with this transformational retreat. Take the chance to personally grow and advance yourself from within.

Connect yourself with the primal energies of nature and spirituality. Raise the vibratio of your own energy and release new transformational energies within you. Furthermore, use this retreat for gaining self-awareness, intuition and exploring wonderful power places with all its treasures or simply dangling your soul.

Immerse in the unknown world of being, supported by the sprititual coach and healer Asim Aliloski. Transformational coaching releases your greatest potential and power waiting for you to be discovered.


  • let go of any obstructive patterns and reinvent yourself
  • crystalize spiritual and tangible life goals and manifest them in your life
  • explore extraordinary potentials and skills and learn to express them
  • solve the causes for any limitations,l conflicts and blockades in your life
  • get even more fulfillment, sense and clarity in your life and encounter yourself again

Life Transformation

Your Life Transformation Retreat includes:


  • your individual Welcome Guide with valuable information to ensure best preparation
  • a written pre-analysis for clarifying your personal issues to assure an optimal start
  • intense life transformation coaching sessions accompanied with magnetic field therapy
  • intense meditation & healing sessions to significantly increase your energy level
  • documentation of your progress and transformation goals in a coaching and reflection book
  • evaluation of you results & success including practical exercises for integration of your transformation goals






The half or full day retreat is bookable for a single person, couples and groups reaching from 3 – 12 people for 3 to 10 days. Language English or German.



For questions & booking:


If you have your own idea about a retreat with a special location, please write us an email.

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