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The Wealthy Spiritual Coach Apprenticeship for Next Generation Coaches and Leaders



Comprehensive Training Course in the Core Concepts, Methodologies & Principles of Powerful Spiritual Coaching & Entrepreneurship



Are you a coach, leader, advisor, healer or spiritual teacher? You love what you do but you don’t earn what you really want? Or you are about to become a spiritual coach and you probably don’t know where to start and how to make your purpose a success?


Actually, the majority of (spiritual) coaches out there don’t make more than 30k a year. Most of them have other jobs, they work as consultants or corporate professionals feeling bored and exhausted because they don’t do what they would love to do.


You know what. You don’t need to do that. If you are or want to become a full time coach because that is what your heart wants, then my program is something that you will love.




My Coach Journey

My name is Asim, and I am an Austrian spiritual business & life coach. I founded my coaching business at the age of 26, after graduating from university. I think I know all setbacks and obstacles a coach can have because I have never done anything else in my life.


But I did not want to do anything else than coaching people. I feel that I was born a coach. Was it always easy? Hell, no! I had to close my first business after the first year because of lack of income and clients. So I lived on welfare for a couple of months and then I started my second one.



After learning the right mindset and skillset, I have been able to earn 6figures a year with high paying 1on1 clients only! They pay me more than 5k for a session or 10k for a retreat day! I only work part time more or less. And I don’t even have to teach them boring stuff such as business strategy or leadership.


Don’t get me wrong. These topics are important but people come to me to heal from within and unleash their spiritual gifts in order to create meaningful success alongside a first class lifestyle. I teach success my way. And people love it.


I am about to scale my business to 7figures now and reach a broader audience. Because it’s time for me to expand. And you will have to opportunity to join my training that I usually offer to world-class coaches.


So let me explain to you what you need in order to become a wealthy coach. This is a combination that you won’t find in another coaching program so far. It is unique.


There are coaches out there that will help you to grow and become a better coach. Others will help you to create a better success and money mindset. And others will give you the best business strategies.


In my program, you absolutely will have it all! Because all matters.




Join me now in your personal MasterClass to develop your greatest coaching skills and tap into THE WEALTYH COACH

The 3 Core Coaching Skill Sets


The Money Mindset of the Wealthy Spiritual Coach

Success is 80% mindset and 20% action. The best strategy and actions without the right mindset won’t get you anywhere. You will have all these marketing tools but no results.

So let’s start with the mindset first and then your strategy will become more powerful than ever before.



The Skillset of the Wealthy Spiritual Coach


I you want to become a wealthy coach with high paying clients or scale your business to 6 or 7 figures, then you should be able to help people to create outstanding results aligned with their divine purpose.


You will need the right coaching tools and skills to become a powerful spiritual coach help your clients to achieve their dream goals on their spiritual ascension journey.


Inner & Business Transformation



The Business Strategies of the Wealthy Spiritual Coach


The best marketing and business strategy will clear you path to a prosperous coaching business. The key is to find your uniqueness and be able to intuitively create your dream offers for your dream clients.


But you don’t have to pretend or be someone else. Authenticity is they key! I will help you to market yourself as coach in an intuitive and authentic way.



The Soulset of the Wealthy Spiritual Coach


The most important thing: You need to embody your divine blueprint and deepen your connection to God in order to become a wealthy spiritual coach. You will need to overcome any fears of being seen and show up in you light.


You are going to ignite your divine spark, get in touch with cutting-edge spiritual ascension tools and be the embodiment of the Eternal God Human.

MasterClass Schedule


Up to 6 - 12 months personal online apprenticeship for developing the skills and mind-set of a great spiritual coach:


  • Pre-analysis and virtual or personal meeting before entering into your program for clarifying your personal issues and deep goals
  • Light Energy Technology for your energetic support in cooperation with “90.10 quantum” corporation


  • Personal Quantum Energy Card to upgrade your frequency and vibration at the speed of light


  • Personal Subliminal Audio to reprogram your subconscious mind coded with specific frequencies


  • Personal Tools to implement and integrate new codes and upgrades from your coaching


  • Light Language Interventions to embody the next layers of your divine purpose with ease and flow


  • Crystal Light Body Activations to maximize your vibration and awaken your original divine blueprint


  • Healing & Abundance Frequency to manifest and allow greater healing and abundance


  • Quantum Flow Training to stabilize, integrate and embody new codes and energetic upgrades


  • Evaluations of your results and achievements throughout your coaching program


This program is for a single person or groups.



So this program is for all leaders, coaches, healers, spiritual teachers out there if:

  • You want to earn what you really deserve!
  • You want to have the confidence and trust for your coaching career!
  • You want to create high paying and high quality clients!
  • You want to be a wealthy coach wanting to work part time or less!
  • You want to have great results with your clients!
  • You want to get seen and recognized for your coaching work!
  • You want to have coaching skills to lead yourself better and your employees!

In addition to all that, you will also experience:


  • The power of your own thoughts, feelings, energies and soul
  • The potential of your brain and body and how to achieve a high vibrational state
  • Connecting deeply to the divine so that it can act and express through you, as you
  • The practical use of the law of attraction, creation, polarity, feminine and masculine energies
  • Understanding your life and business circumstances from the metaphysical point of view
  • Deep insights into ancient wisdoms such as Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism and transcendental spirituality



For requests write us an email to office@asimaliloski.com

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