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I help people to expand their consciousness in order to overcome limits, unfold their full potential and realize life dreams aligned with their purpose.


I know the desire for overcoming limits in life and setting out for new shores. I know what it's like to feel limited and unfree in all areas of life. However, I also experienced the power of consciousness and what is all possible.


I help you to expand your multidimensional consciousness, to overcome limits and realize your life dreams. You unleash your full potential and get the courage to live your very own vocation. You develop an incredible intuition and creativity.


Individuals and management teams experience that transformation becomes possible with a new consciousness leading to higher purpose, fulfilled success, deeper love and harmony.


I work with people and companies who will not any longer come out from being astonished and want to bring magic into everyday life. These people use the full power of their creativity and intuition. They are sensitive and yearn to transform the world into a better place.


Do you belong to these people? Write me: office@asimaliloski.com



“Most people are like uncut diamonds who discover their true value through personal growth and self-knowledge. Only then they are able to enlighten others in a miraculous way.” Asim


5 top benefits of coaching & consulting with Asim

expand your multidimensional consciousness – overcome limits – unfold your full potential & intuition – express your full creativity – realize your life dreams


Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, wellness journalist, speaker and certified executive business & life coach. He has been coaching wonderful people around the world who are committed to personal transformation and life advancement.


Asim has been exploring the potential of human consciousness for over a decade. In his work he combines eastern wisdom from Buddhism and Sufism, elements from ancient Greek philosophy with modern business leadership and psycho-energetic coaching.

The latest self-mastery experience guiding you to an expanded consciousness

Coaching Retreat in Cap Ferrat, April 2019

Leadership by Intuition for CEOs

MasterClass with Asim Aliloski

Bücher von Asim Aliloski Check out my latest books!

Get clear about how to bring out the best in yourself and others - the key is an expanded consciousness that allows change


The more complex your environment gets, the less you can rely on facts and figures. You will make the best choices; create more money, wealth, health, fulfilling relationships and whatever you want in life by allowing your consciousness to expand into new dimensions.

Life & Career Coaching

Bring out the best in yourself with intuition and mindfulness

Coaching brings out the best in you so that you can help others to see the best in them. Get rid of everything that is blocking you from true success, love, passion, creativity and high achievements.


Coaching is all about getting clear about your true inner power and how you can make a difference in the world.

Life Transformation & Career Retreats

Unleash your power from within and access your greatest intuition

Align with healing power and spiritual energies that help you transform your private and business life. You can truly gain deep insights into the power of your mind and soul.


Enjoy your personal retreat that will help you raise your consciousness and get an unforgettable life experience.

Business & Executive Coaching

Awaken the heart and soul of your business

Your business or organisation has a consciousness aligned with a higher purpose that wants to enlighten and inspire the world. Bring your business to the next level by boosting profits with love, intuition, creativity, harmony & passion.


Business & Executive helps you to enjoy a mindful energy and remove any obstacles that is blocking your company to prosper fully.

Ultimate Mentoring

Express yourself with an expanded consciousness

Are you longing for a deep, absolutely fulfilling success? Are you aiming to obtain lavish abundance and simultaneously express pure love, steady health, absolute wellbeing and divine connection? And do you wish to uncover your greatest leadership and creative potentials?


Ultimate Mentoring is a life and career advancement program that makes the impossible possible.

What I have learned about success in Bali


Have you ever scarified success for health, joy or freedom? Don’t worry, everybody does that! As we come from a generation for which struggling for money, freedom and abundance is pretty normal, we have never learned to create success in another way.


Have a look at your parents, your family and the society you live in. Perhaps they taught you that even little success can only be achieved by struggling and sacrificing health, joy, passion and freedom.


I think we have to stop struggling. Humans have done it long enough.


I have lived in Bali for more than a year and learned so much from the Balinese culture. That life can be joyful, spiritual, slow and balancing. 


Over the years I have been realising that the key to a great life is not success OR joy, success OR harmony, success OR love BUT success WITH joy, success WITH harmony, success WITH love.


Does this all sound wired or impossible for you? I really believe it’s not. And perhaps you want to believe it as well. So let’s try to get rid of what you have learned about success so far and make your own rules about how you want to experience it from now on.


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