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Asim Aliloski

Book Author, Journalist, Success Coach, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Mentor, PR & Business Consultant

What I have learned about success in Bali


Have you ever scarified success for health, joy or freedom? Don’t worry, everybody does that! As we come from a generation for which struggling for money, freedom and abundance is pretty normal, we have never learned to create success in another way.


Have a look at your parents, your family and the society you live in. Perhaps they taught you that even little success can only be achieved by struggling and sacrificing health, joy, passion and freedom.


I think we have to stop struggling. Humans have done it long enough.


I have lived in Bali for more than a year and learned so much from the Balinese culture. That life can be joyful, spiritual, slow and balancing. 


Over the years I have realised that the key to a great life is not success OR joy, success OR harmony, success OR love BUT success WITH joy, success WITH harmony, success WITH love.


Does this all sound wired or impossible for you? I really believe it’s not. And perhaps you want to believe it as well. So let’s try to get rid of what you have learned about success so far and make your own rules about how you want to experience it from now on.


Bring out the best in yourself. All your power, all your potentials.


Personal Coaching & Transformation

Bring out the best in you

Coaching brings out the best in you so that you can help others to see the best in them. Get rid of everything that is blocking you from true success, love, passion, creativity and high achievements.


Coaching is all about getting clear about your true inner power and how you can make a difference in the world.

Life & Career Retreats in Bali

Get your spirit to Bali to unleash your power from within

Bali is a magical island with healing power and spiritual energies that can help you transform your private and business life. You can truly gain deep insight into the power of your mind and soul.


Enjoy your personal luxury retreat in Bali or any other location that will help you raise your energy and get an unforgettable life experience.

Consulting & Training

Get your business to the next level

Your business or organisation has a spirit aligned with a mission that wants to enlighten and inspire your target group. Bring your business to the next level by forcing profits with love, creativity, harmony and passion.


Consulting & Training helps you to enjoy a mindful success and remove any obstacles that is blocking yourself or team to prosper fully.

Management & Mentoring

Be ready for a huge impact and change in your company

The key to success is grow, but not only financially. You have also to grow in your mind and broaden your horizon so that you can achieve the results and structures you want.


Management & Mentoring is guiding you to a business and organisation that is ready for change and deep impact.

Check out Asim's Retreat at the Eco-Luxury Wellness Resort "Shunyata" in Bali

YouTube Asim Aliloski for Shunyata Villas Bali

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