Results from our clients

After reviewing all 360 degree feedbacks from over 100 clients, we are very honoured to share with you their main results that they have been able to create and stabilize through our coaching:



  • Enhanced abundance consciousness
  • Improved sense of self-acceptance
  • Accelerated decision-making process
  • Improved sense of self-confidence/self-esteem
  • Enhanced access to psychic and supernatural abilities
  • Increased emotional mastery
  • Increased mental resilience
  • Accelerated manifestations and healings
  • Enhanced balance of YIN / YAN energies within
  • Enhanced charisma, creativity, and magnetism


  • Increased sense of wholeness and inner peace
  • Accelerated problem-solving skills
  • Improved relaxation capabilities
  • Enhanced synchronicities in life
  • Accelerated learning from life lessons & challenges
  • Increased sense of purpose in life
  • Enhanced spiritual connection
  • Improved self-image
  • Enhanced perception of clarity
  • Enhanced efficiency of actions & decisions


  • Enhanced self-mastery skills
  • Improved (self) leadership skills
  • Higher sense of autonomy
  • Enhanced spiritual & emotional intelligence
  • Enhanced perception of trust & inner stability
  • Enhanced perception of personal liberation
  • Enhance perception of unconditional love & bliss
  • Enhanced perception of inner calmness & serenity
  • Improved self & creative expression
  • Improved setting of personal boundaries

What do our coaching clients say?

Agnieszka - Entrepreneur

I am living my vision and mission as a successful entrepreneur. The path to this goal was shorter than I could have dreamed. My wish was to work less and earn a lot of money. I need to mention that I already had a 6-figure annual salary with a personal driver or company car (depending on the company) before the intuition coaching with Asim. But I wanted freedom, creativity, my fulfillment, time for hobbies and nice things and not just pursue the job ladder chasing higher performance goals and more recognition while the ‘fruits of success’ dangling above me may seem up for grabs but get further and further away from me at the same time.


Now, I work freely - that was important to me - and am fully confident. Through this confidence and fulfilling my heart’s greatest desires in business I can very comfortably find good projects and generate 6-digit income in a short period of time, the last time was within 6 weeks only. At times, I am simply speechless and amazed myself. My new business environment also allows me to have a lot of free space for my innermost desires and ideas, which in turn bring new results, projects, and fulfillment. During coaching, my wish was also to find my true potentials (in general) and to realize these more and more. The coaching with Asim enables me to live and discover my potentials in a subtle and until now unknown way.

Christina - Political Consultant / Entrepreneur

"Being fully yourself can take some courage," Sofia Loren once said this. Even such a famous woman knows that it's not always perfectly natural to simply be who you really are.


It's somehow paradox: what seems to be the most natural thing in the world is so difficult for many of us. And what's more, the key to our greatest happiness lies precisely in this.


I didn't know all this; I didn't feel it anymore. I didn't really know who I was anymore because of all the "don't do this, don't do that." However, I wanted to be more successful in my profession and finally do what really interests me.


Asim Aliloski helped me seeing clearly again: In his coaching, I started to feel again who I really am, what I really can do. And I realized that the more I simply follow myself, the more successful I am. Wow! These were moving realizations and expansions of my consciousness. My whole life feels so much lighter, more fun, and simply better now.


I am incredibly grateful to Asim Aliloski for the great development I was able to experience through his coaching and therefore highly recommend it.

Christian - Creative Director / Entrepreneur

For months, I couldn't sleep properly because of anxiety. The reason: My supervisor is a choleric person. As soon as he came into the company, I couldn't think straight. Plus, I was tense and scared. My problems in my private life didn't make it any easier either. During the 3 months of coaching with Asim, I learned to stand by my opinion and to deal with conflicts constructively. We also worked on my "inner child", which was still afraid of authority. I was able to give the inner child strength and security, so that it is safe and protected now. Moreover, I also gained strength for my own passion. I rediscovered my joy for music and got my first commission as a composer. My music has now been played all over the country. I also found the courage leaving the advertising agency behind and starting something new on my own instead.


I can sleep again, feel generally more relaxed and can look into the future with more confidence. In addition, my tinnitus has been noticeably alleviated since the coaching.

Joachim - Executive / Entrepreneur

I came to see Asim for coaching because I could no longer bear how my life was going. My professional failures were bothering me so much that I became depressed and, after a suicide attempt, voluntarily went to a clinic. Since I had the impression that I needed a holistic approach in addition to a classical therapy, I attended Asim’s coaching sessions for the first time. What can I say? Coaching with Asim is magical, inspiring, fun, challenging, wonderful, holistic, and deeply moving. Just as I thought it would be.


After only 3 months of coaching, I can take full responsibility for my life again. I also have a professional perspective again, aiming at self-employment. Now I am daring to just do things, too! Thank you, Asim

Kasia – Entrepreneur

Since the beginning of my coaching with Asim in November 2020, my perception, feeling and attitude towards money has changed positively and rapidly. Also, to other topics that showed up during the intuition coaching! (other topics like, vocation, femininity, family, partnership).


My consciousness of prosperity has changed from then onward, resulting in the fact that now, I have more than enough money at my disposal. In general, I feel liberated, more relaxed, and happier.


The coaching with Asim is very professional and combined with lightness and humor. Each time, I can literally feel the transformation processes physically, which also clearly express themselves on the outside then.


I am grateful for the truly "wonderful" coaching, transforming me in a positive way and giving me the possibility to grow holistically with ease and joy.

Sabine – Finance Professional

What can I say, the list is just sheer endless. After only 2 months of coaching with Asim, I can now accept myself as I am. I have been able to reduce my medication for anxiety and panic attacks almost entirely. I no longer smoke and also drink less alcohol. I have made new friends and can approach people more easily. My nightmares have been reduced to a minimum. My attitude towards sexuality and partnership has changed a lot. I have learned to deal with my compulsion to control. Even my skin condition has improved. I accept my body and suddenly find myself pretty, even leaving my apartment without makeup. I'm also building up my own life - I'm singing again and will be joining a choir. I've started playing the piano and am reading new books.



I find Asim to be very spiritual and in tune with himself. I feel very comfortable around him and can just be myself. I admire him very much for his work and his abilities. He doesn't take himself too seriously and is always up for a joke during the sessions. With his help, I have managed to feel joy in life again and look forward to what is yet to come. Although I sometimes still stumble and am afraid that everything could still be the same old, I then pick up myself much faster again and know that it is over then, and that I now want to live, love, and have fun and that I can also just do it, too.

Jace P - Entrepreneur / Therapist

Asim has the ability to sense the unspoken, he always knows the right balance between challenge and support - although he does both during his work. For me, the essence I observe in Asim's work is his love for everything and his ability to express this consistently and unconditionally.


For me it has been: inspiring, unique, eye opening, magical, spiritual, holistic and supportive; I have noticed calmness in my thinking. I have a heightened awareness of spirituality and a sense of peace within me. I have changed my approach to nature and am one with everything around me. I have learned to master my own emotions and no longer struggle to suppress certain feelings, but to allow them and give them the space to unfold themselves as they are.

Savina -  Senior Professional

In my opinion, Asim Aliloski has psychic abilities: He detects blockages and guides them into the positive. He presented new solutions for conflicts and shows you that something seemingly obstructive also holds an important message. He has the ability to activate hearts and emotions that have long been buried. His ability is also to help people cope with uncertainty. And beyond that, he sees potential in me that I am not even aware of.


After only 2 months of counseling, I was able to cope with challenging tasks again. At the same time, I have been able to become more open to others, communicate more and thus find new ways to solve problems. I have become softer and more emotional overall, making the world around me seem less harsh.

Laurent - Entrepreneur

The intuition coaching session and business consulting with Asim are truly magical. I would never have dreamed in my life of this success with my work that I have now.


I am astonished myself what is seemingly possible and what potentials the work with Asim has brought out in me. To me, Asim is one of the best coaches and consultants out there. His work is highly unique, effective and out-of-the-box.


Those who engage with it are guaranteed exponential success. Five-figure monthly profits as a sole proprietor are a newly achieved milestone of this success for me.

Aaron – Technician

Coaching with Asim was a wonderful experience for me and very meaningful. Working deeply together, we uncovered issues and found ways to approach, handle and solve my problems. Emotional dependency and my low self-confidence were my weak points from old, foreign beliefs, which Asim was able to reveal to me during our coaching sessions. And day by day, we were eventually able to repair and transform those with the tools that were right for me. In the meantime, and driven by my own impulse and desire, I am completely recreating and changing my life for my best.



In the process, the first positive results surfaced quickly, such as my successful transition to a better job, being more responsible and lovingly caring for myself. In contrast and before this, I was rather shy and mostly silent. Nowadays, I want to express myself more, without being ashamed of who I am. I stand up for my own opinion as well and I am no longer afraid of making mistakes. Even after my coaching was finished and when new issues would show up, I was much better equipped and prepared to work on them and transform them into something good. Asim makes every session exciting, interesting, and valuable for those who truly want to be helped.


To me, he represents dearly valued support, hence he is my unquestionable recommendation when it comes to successfully tackling unbalances and finding inspiration for improvement. On top, he is my helper for healthy spiritual growth. What might be happening to you otherwise? It is totally worth it!

Karolina - Managing Director

The coaching with Asim is a true gift. Since then, I have been promoted, found new tasks which are fun and challenging again. In addition, I can assert myself better, can say things more clearly and have a better relationship with my supervisor. In general, I feel more confident, more self-assured, and more clear-minded since the coaching with Asim. I also earn more and at the same time I am a lot more relaxed. Coaching with Asim is spiritual, holistic, moving, fun, exciting, inspiring and a gift. Thank you!

Angelika - Manager

I rediscovered the feeling of gratitude. Quite simply through the dissolution of a belief system. This was a wonderful feeling. The realization from this was that things would actually be so simple if our mind would not constantly disturb. Nowadays, I find common ground with my state of mind. Yes, that's exactly what I do. I am telling my mind that it may serve me, as I am the boss. I feel more settled and in control of myself. I laugh at things I used to get upset about. I eat much less and thus have fewer kilos on me. I can get up more easily in the morning and I am not so tired anymore. And all this after the first session only!


Sonja – Entrepreneur

After just one session, the most significant step forward is that I have learned to deal with my own emotions better and also to notice when they are actually not mine at times. This has had a very positive effect on my health! In addition, I can observe that I can accept myself better from day to day. For me it is really great to see that there are people like Asim who can connect with you so well in such a short time. And who can offer you such effective and easy to accomplish exercises which help realizing new findings. Asim's work is efficient, goal-oriented, astonishing, eventful, and accurate!

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