Asim Aliloski

Award-winning Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Business & Money Mentor, Psychic Healer


Asim Aliloski is an Austrian-born bestselling author, international speaker, psychic healer, spiritual business & money mentor, and multi-award-winning empowerment coach. Asim has been named one of Forbes Magazine's "Top 10 Business Coaches 2022", Brainz Magazine's "Global 500 Influential 2022", Global Business Award's "Spiritual Leader of the Year 2022", HRD's "101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020", Kosmo Magazine's "Top 50 Influential Leaders", and Influence Digest's "Top 20 Business Coaches".


Asim is admired for his exceptional coaching style and ability to assist heart-driven business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving bottom-line results. He has worked with business leaders, celebrities, and creatives supporting them in returning to their divine nature and turning their soul purpose into success.


In addition to being an insightful coach, Asim is a spiritual leader with psychic abilities who strives to help people maximize the power of consciousness and ignite their divine spark. At age 26, he founded his coaching business to assist companies and organizations in restoring harmonic structures of purpose, peace, and prosperity.


Asim Aliloski is an ICF accredited Professional Coach, ECNLP certified Master Trainer, and ICMCI certified Business Coach with a university degree in Financial Management. He gathered sound experience in mindful leadership, neuropsychology, Keylontic morphogenetics spirituality, biohacking technology, quantum body therapy, and neuro-linguistic communication all around the world.


Asim has interviewed highly influential people and written several books to uplift the energy and consciousness of his readers. He has been widely featured by international media and publishing over 100 articles about personal and professional development.


The native Viennese with Macedonian origins combines in his work universal spiritual teachings with intuitive business coaching and holistic life mentoring. His ancestors come from a Balkan region known as a stronghold for Sufi movements in ancient times.


Growing up in an underprivileged family living on welfare, Asim has mastered becoming a globally recognized new thought leader. He is married to the French-Luxembourgish animal whisperer Laurent Amann, living together on the French Riviera.


Asim is a multilingual lifestyle guru, biohacking lover, gym buddy, veggie gourmet, and globetrotter.




Awards & Recognitions


2023: International Elite 100 - Global Spiritual Coach of the Year 2023 (IE 100)


2022: Top 10 Business Coaches 2022 (Forbes Magazine)


2022: Spiritual Leader of the Year 2022 (Global Business Awards)


2021: Brainz Global 500 Influentials (Brainz Magazine)


2021: Best Global Spiritual Coaching & Consulting Business 2021 (Global Business Awards)


2021: Top 20 Business Coaches (Entrepreneur Herald)


2021: Top 20 Business Coaches in Vienna (Influence Digest)


2020: Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020 (HRD)


2020: No 1 Sustainable Consultancy 2020 / 2021 (EU Business News)


2020: Top 50 Influential Leaders in the Balkan region (Kosmo Magazine)

Certifications & Trainings


Certifications & Professional Training in a nutshell:


Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling Author, Award Winner, with a Master Degree in Economics, Professional Coach of ICF, Certified Business Coach of ICMCI, Cert. Life Coach, Cert. Happiness & Success Coach, Cert. NLP Trainer & Master-Practitioner, Cert. Mental Trainer & Systemic Coach and Management Consultant with many years of leadership experience in consulting, media, and tourism.



Certifications & Experience into detail:


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation (ICF), USA
  • Certified Business Coach, ICMCI/WKO, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes/Austrian Chambers
  • Diploma in ICF Coaching (International Coach Federation), Trinergy International Association, Austria
  • Certified Happiness & Success Coach, Success Intelligence, United Kingdom
  • Certified NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner, ECNLP (European Community for NLP), Austria
  • Systemic Coach accord. to IGSDI (International Community for Systemic Interventions), Austria
  • Certified Mental Trainer, Cert. Consciousness Coach, Cert. Management Trainer, Cert. Business Coach (ITA), Austria
  • Accredited PR & Management Consultant, Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO), Austria
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration & Finance, University of Applied Science (FH-Wien), Austria
  • Holistic Fitness Coach & Martial Arts Instructor, Shinergy Academy & Pax Academy, Austria
  • Personal development programs in Costa Rica, Bali, London, Munich, Vienna
  • Coaching & Supervision with Regan Hillyer, Lisa Renee and many more.


Professional Experience

  • 10 years of experience as a high-performance coach and consultant for Asim Aliloski International with more than 10k coaching hours: Executive & Leadership Coaching / Strategy & Mission / CEO-Positioning & Charisma / Personal & Spiritual Development / Self-Experience & Self-Discovery / Burnout & Boreout Prevention / High Sensitivity & Emotional Work / Performance & Creativity / Mindfulness & Resilience / LGBTQ Diversity

  • Founder and owner of BUDDHA PUBLIC RELATIONS, a sustainable communication company based in Vienna specializing in Personality PR, Business Consulting, and Coaching working with influencers all over the world

  • General Manager of "Shunyata Villas", a multi-award winning Wellness Luxury Resort in South East Asia on the island of Bali in charge of strategic development and holistic life advancement for hotel guests

  • Editor in Chief for an Austrian Glossy Lifestyle & Wellness Magazine and Journalist for the biggest Wellness Magazine in Austria with over 100 publications about personal development, life advancement, and personalities

  • Influencer and blogger at
  • Seminar host, retreat host, and keynote speaker


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