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Asim Aliloski

Multi-award-winning Spiritual Business & Life Coach, Psychic Healer & Personal Mentor


Our clients are committed to spiritual mastery ready to reunite with Source-Intelligence, turn their soul purpose into success and create an abundant life with peace of mind.


Break free from old limiting patterns of unworthiness, scarcity, fear, sabotage, sacrifice, and suffering with Base-12 bioregenesis healing technology and transformational coaching.








Golden Square Vienna - Austria l Palais Bellevue Nice - French Riviera - Monaco

Mail: office@asimaliloski.com l Phone: +4313451430


Purpose, Peace & Prosperity through Spiritual Mastery

Turn your purpose into success, return to your divine nature, unleash your highest potential and manifest financial abundance through Base-12 technology & coaching.


Premium 1:1 Coachings

Uplift your life & business aligned with your mission like never before

Quantum Soul Healing

Restore optimum health and wellbeing through Base-12 self-healing

Ascension Online Store

Raise your oscillation with our Ascension Frequency Sounds & TG Channel

French Riviera Retreats

Get to your hideaway for your self-healing & breakthroughs in the South of France



Growing up in poverty surrounded by welfare receivers and lawbreakers, it seemed hopeless for me to have a better life. Deep inside, I was feeling worthless, unloved, insecure, and stuck, desperately searching for meaning in life. I was struggling with my finances due to fear of loss. Read more about my story here.


My name is Asim and I am a spiritual business & life coach, and psychic healer working with heart-driven entrepreneurs, starseed people, top-tier leaders, and creatives around the world.


We help wonderful souls reconnect with Source-Consciousness, turn their purpose into success, and manifest financial prosperity with peace of mind.


We will guide you to your master state of consciousness and your highest potential. This naturally happens when you reunite with Source through Base-12 morphogenetic technology and coaching.



Through my work, you will turn your mission into success, tap into financial ease, and cultivate peace of mind. We will help you release trapped emotions of worthlessness, patterns of suffering, and energetic weakness making you prone to all kinds of mind control and interference.


Moreover, we guide teams in companies and organizations to greater peace, purpose and prosperity through scalar morphogentic technology shifting the energy and frequency within every system.



Our Quantum Soul Healing, Premium Coachings, Retreats, and Ascension Store are here for you to:


  • Let go of unknowingness and uncertainty by unleashing your intuition and psychic abilities through Base-12 DNA template activation to achieve more with greater ease.
  • Release trapped emotions, ancestral and karmic blocks by transcending your inner shadow to feel whole from within again using Base-12 Healing Light & Sound Symbol Codes.
  • Uncover your unconscious limiting beliefs, especially around your divine mission, health, and wealth by raising the frequency rate of your consiousness.
  • Master negative thoughts and thinking patterns to find peace of mind even in challenging times through professional coaching and mentoring.
  • Overcome any weaknesses in your spiritual immune system to protect yourself from mind control and psychic attacks.
  • Release imposed patterns of poverty consciousness, self-punishment, self-sabotage, sacrifice, false light spirituality, and inner worthlessness to live your life on your own terms as a full sovereign being.



Are you ready for limitless abundance?


Abundance is the absence of poverty consciousness, be it financial, material, or spiritual lack. Spiritual poverty is the lack of love, worthiness, purpose, vitality, freedom, fulfillment, peace, and connection to Divine Source. Your time has come to tap into full abundance with peace of mind.



You Are Meant For Greatness


Namasté, Asim



Results from our clients

After reviewing all 360 degree feedbacks from over 100 clients, we are very honoured to share with you their main results that they have been able to create and stabilize through our coaching:



  • Enhanced abundance consciousness
  • Improved sense of self-acceptance
  • Accelerated decision-making process
  • Improved sense of self-confidence/self-esteem
  • Enhanced access to psychic and supernatural abilities
  • Increased emotional mastery
  • Increased mental resilience
  • Accelerated manifestations and healings
  • Enhanced balance of YIN / YAN energies within
  • Enhanced charisma, creativity, and magnetism


  • Increased sense of wholeness and inner peace
  • Accelerated problem-solving skills
  • Improved relaxation capabilities
  • Enhanced synchronicities in life
  • Accelerated learning from life lessons & challenges
  • Increased sense of purpose in life
  • Enhanced spiritual connection
  • Improved self-image
  • Enhanced perception of clarity
  • Enhanced efficiency of actions & decisions


  • Enhanced self-mastery skills
  • Improved (self) leadership skills
  • Higher sense of autonomy
  • Enhanced spiritual & emotional intelligence
  • Enhanced perception of trust & inner stability
  • Enhanced perception of personal liberation
  • Enhance perception of unconditional love & bliss
  • Enhanced perception of inner calmness & serenity
  • Improved self & creative expression
  • Improved setting of personal boundaries

The Eternal Human

Elite Mentoring & Spiritual Guidance


Elite Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance for Handpicked Souls ready to unleash their highest state of consciousness to realize their full potential in all areas of their lives.


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