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"TOP 50 COACHING LEADERS" by Kosmo Magazine 2019


Asim Aliloski

Business & Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Author & Speaker

Develop the consciousness, energy and mindset you need in order to create the business and life of your dreams.


Vienna, Austria l Côte d’Azur, French Riviera l Worldwide


Are you an entrepreneur, leader, creative, millennial, gay, celebrity or high performer?


Or a whole team in a company or organization?


Do you sometimes feel stuck in your career or in your life?


Do you want to achieve BIG NEXT LEVEL goals with natural flow and ease?

Are you willing to align your success with your life purpose?

Do you want to manifest your goals faster by unfolding your spiritual power?



Hi, my name is Asim. I am a business and life coach helping entrepreneurs and leaders around the world to develop the consciousness, energy and mindset they need in order to achieve higher goals aligned with their life purpose.


Moreover, I teach people to create meaningful success, lavish abundance, financial confidence but also cultivate health and find an enriching spirituality. Are you ready to align your goals with your soul purpose?


Work with me if:


- you feel that your career and success is meaningless or drains too much of your energy.

- you struggle with money because you always feel that you have too little or too much of it.

- you see limitations, doubts, fears, stress and insecurity around your private and business life.

- you have read everything about goal achieving and manifestation but still don't see the results you want.

- you have huge visions and desires in your life and nobody believes in you, even you don't believe in yourself.

- you work too hard, too long, too much, too ... probably at the expense of your health and social life.

- you don't know what your BIG NEXT LEVEL GOALS are or how to attract them into your life.

- you think that you don't live your life purpose or the life of your dreams.


With my coaching you'll boost your success and get aligned with your life purpose. You'll make peace with money and create an abundant mindset. You'll transform your limitations, doubts, fears and insecurities and tap into your spiritual power in order to manifest the results you want in your life with ease and flow. You'll learn to create through the power of your higher consciousness and let your intuition guide you.


I've been working with leaders, creatives, millennials, gays, celebrities and high performers all over the world. They have been experiencing greater success, healings around money, health and harmony in their relationships.


With your higher consciousness you can change what you don’t want and create what you desire in your life. If you master the way you think, feel, perceive, decide and act, then you’ll break free from any limitations you are experiencing in your life right now.


I'll help you tap into your spiritual flow and take your career and money goals to the next level.



I have caught your interest? I'll gladly let you know more: office@asimaliloski.com


The latest self-mastery experience guiding you to the natural flow state


Coaching Retreat in South of France, 2020

Leadership by Intuition for CEOs & Executives

MasterClass with Asim for Leaders & Coaches

Full Year Coaching to manifest your Next Level



Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, transformational speaker, spiritual leader as well as an award-winning business and life coach with Southeast European origins. He has been working with entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, millennials, gays, celebrities and high performers all over the world. Asim has been awarded among the "101 Most Fabulous Coaches in the World 2020" by HRD and “Top 50 Influential Coach Leaders” by Kosmo Magazine as well as nominated for the “Austrian Prestige Awards 2020”.



The native Viennese originally coming from the Balkan peninsula combines in his work elements from ancient Greek philosophy with professional coaching and universal spirituality. His spiritual roots are grounded in Sufism and during a longer stay in Southeast Asia, he also came into contact with Buddhism.


Asim founded his coaching business at the age of 25 and since then has been exploring the power of consciousness for over a decade. He is an ICF accredited Professional Coach and ICMCI certified Business Coach with a university degree in Business & Finance Management trained in Vienna, London, Costa Rica and Bali. He gathered sound experience in leadership, psychology, spirituality, body therapy, personal development and communication.



“Most people are like uncut diamonds who discover their true value through personal growth and self-knowledge. Only then they are able to enlighten others in a miraculous way.” Asim


Tap into your natural flow with this video:

What I have learned about success


Have you ever scarified success for health, joy or freedom? Don’t worry, everybody does that! As we come from a generation for which struggling for money, freedom and abundance is pretty normal, we have never learned to create success with flow and harmony.


Have a look at your parents, your family and the society you live in. Perhaps they taught you that even little success can only be achieved by struggling and sacrificing health, joy, passion and freedom.


I think we have to stop struggling. Humans have done it long enough.


I am Greek-Macedonian and lived in Bali for a long time. I was always fascinated by ancient Greek philosphy, Sufism and eastern wisdom. It taught me that life can be joyful, deep, successful and balancing by simply mastering our consciousness.


Over the years I have been realising that the key to a great life is not success OR joy, success OR harmony, success OR love BUT success WITH joy, success WITH harmony, success WITH love.


Does this all sound wired or impossible for you? I really believe it’s not. And perhaps you want to believe it as well. So let’s try to get rid of what you have learned about success so far and make your own rules about how you want to experience the flow of life from now on.


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