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Asim Aliloski

Award-winning Business & Life Coach, Base-12 Energy Healer & Personal Mentor


Discover the balance between external success and inner fulfillment!


We help heart-driven companies and individuals break free from self-limitations and maximize purpose, peace, and prosperity through  spiritual mastery.



Turn your purpose into success. Reclaim your spiritual power, and reach your highest potential through Base-12 bioregenesis coaching.



Golden Square Vienna - Austria l Palais Bellevue Nice - French Riviera - Monaco

Mail: office@asimaliloski.com l Phone: +4313451430



Discover the balance between external success and inner fulfillment!


Your Journey to Inner Wealth & Your True Nature


If you’re reading this, you may be at a point in your life where achieving external success is no longer enough to truly fulfill you.


You’re an entrepreneur, a leader, or an ordinary human with extraordinary visions. You’re passionate about your business and career, set high standards, and get a lot done. But deep down inside, do you feel emptiness, pressure, insecurity or a constant sensation of restlessness? Do you sometimes get in your own way?


As a business and life coach, I understand very well that the path to success is often accompanied by challenges that go deeper than what we can actually see.


Constantly striving for success drives you further and further into an endless cycle of “doing more and more.” In the long run, you not only risk your physical and mental health but also the long-term success you’ve been hoping for.


If any of this resonates with you, then it's time to pause and find new perspective. As your personal mentor, I will support you and your team in reshaping not only your career but your entire life in a fulfilling, peaceful, and abundant way.


I firmly believe that you were born both for external success and for inner wealth and spiritual fulfillment.



My name is Asim Aliloski, and I am an experienced business and life coach, spiritual healer, and personal mentor helping you to break free from limitations and tap into purpose, peace and prosperity.


My vision is to guide people like you out of lack consciousness into a life of inner and outer abundance. This happens all by itself simply by unfolding our divine nature. My Base-12 Bioregenesis Coaching based on the sacred Maharata scriptures will take you step by step toward your highest potential.


On this journey, you’ll experience prosperity on a material level and undergo a profound spiritual transformation. Your inner light will shine, and you will manifest abundance in all aspects of your life.


Embark on your journey now - let's open the doors to abundance together and create your authentic, fulfilled life. Your inner wealth is waiting to be discovered.



I look forward to accompanying you on this unique journey.


Many years ago, I also walked the path from scarcity to abundance. From my own experience, I’ve come to know that EVERYTHING is possible. Today, I live a successful life with spiritual fulfillment, prosperity, health, and financial ease - alongside a first-class lifestyle. >> [Read my story]


However, there should be no illusion that every day will be perfect once you receive coaching. As many emotional burdens disappear, others may arise. With my help, you will be able to overcome them in a completely different way than before as you become fully aware of your spiritual mastery.


And always remember this,

You Are Destined For Greatness


Namasté & Much Love, Asim



Our best transformational offers

Base-12 bioregenesis coaching and mentoring for companies, organizations & individuals


The Premium Coachings & Mentoring for Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs & Creatives

Unlock the unlimited potential within you and align your life and career with your soul’s purpose. Asim Aliloski offers transformational coaching and spiritual ascension based on sacred Maharata texts, catering to leaders, creatives, geniuses, entrepreneurs, and ordinary people with extraordinary visions. Experience personal and professional transformation, empowering you to reach unprecedented heights.


Rediscover optimum health and wellbeing through the revolutionary Base-12 self-healing approach. Realign with your divine nature, accessing higher states of awareness where miracles and transformations flourish. Release any resistance hindering your healing, well-being, divine mission, and abundance, and embark on a journey towards holistic wellness.

The Million € Coaching - Diamond Salon

The Diamond Salon is your Elysium roadmap to realizing your fullest potential while cultivating inner peace and fulfilment. It harnesses the limitless power of your mind, nurtures your heart and soul, and maximizes the long-term success of your purpose, peace and prosperity.


The Diamond Salon is for all high-net worth souls ready for ultimate mastery in all areas of their lives, tapping into their highest state of consciousness and realizing their highest potential. Welcome to the diamond crown of all coachings with the most exclusive VIP guidance from Asim and his professional team.

Wealth & Health Retreats - French Riviera

Escape to a private sanctuary for self-healing and breakthroughs on the picturesque French Riviera. In collaboration with Asim Aliloski and Tomasz Major, immerse yourself in a luxurious, beachfront villa where a dedicated team caters to your every need. Experience spiritual healing through advanced Base-12 technology, providing you with a transformative adventure of rejuvenation and inner growth.


Embark on a transformative journey to recharge, rethink, and reinvent yourself and your business amidst the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera. Break free from outdated strategies and paradigms to achieve lasting breakthroughs in both your personal life and career.

Holistic Real Estate Consulting - French Riviera

Our homes, communities, and surrounding environment directly affect our daily behaviours and lifestyles, and together these determine our well-being. We will help you develop the right mindset to attract the dream home and lifestyle you have always been envisioning.


We love helping people gain clarity, and confidence in making the best decisions for their lifestyle dreams. Explore our finest real estate portfolio on the French Riviera and reputable networking taking you to your dream home and environment.

Base-12 Light & Sound Ascension Frequencies

Reveal your 12D Divine Template with the transformative power of sound. Activate your ability to heal and manifest through the celestial music available at Asim’s Ascension Online Store.


Transcend to higher states of consciousness and tap into abundance by engaging in spiritual upliftment. These potent frequencies are your daily escort for consciousness expansion and embodiment.

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